West Japan Railway Company Train Status Information

Announcement of operation status
The trains in the Kansai area (including limited express Haruka), Hokuriku area and the Sanyō Shinkansen are operated as usual.
However, please note there are some sections' stoppage for a long period of more than one month due to the heavy rain.

[Suspended sections]
Sanyo main line Between Mihara and Kaitaichi Stations, between Yanai and Tokuyama stations
Kishin Line Between Kozuki and Niimi Stations
Tsuyama Line Between Nonoguchi and Makiyama Stations
Hakubi Line Between Gōkei and Kami-Iwami Stations
Geibi Line Between Niimi and Shimofukawa Stations
Imbi Line Between Tsuyama and Chizu Stations
Kure Line Between Mihara and Kaitaichi Stations
Gantoku Line Between Iwakuni - Kushigahama Stations

For details regarding the current operating conditions, please check the following site.

Kinki area http://global.trafficinfo.westjr.co.jp/en/kinki
Chugoku area http://global.trafficinfo.westjr.co.jp/en/chugoku

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