About Us

Basic Approach

~In an effort to build a sound supply chain, JR WEST Group works together with all of its suppliers on activities fulfilling social responsibilities to realizing a sustainable society. ~

Based on our Corporate Philosophy and Safety Charter, JR WEST Group is building on its efforts to create a corporate culture that prioritizes safety while fulfilling its corporate responsibility and working on sustainable development for the future.
To that end, We foster a relationship of mutual trust with our suppliers to build a solid partnership while recognizing the importance of working together to promote sustainable initiatives and contribute to realizing a sustainable society by building a sound supply chain.

Specific Initiatives

Promoting Sustainability Based on the JR WEST Group Supply Chain Policy

Based on this approach, the “Initiatives to Promote Together with Our Suppliers” were established to be put into practice together with JR WEST Group and all suppliers involved in railway operations as well as services and products of JR WEST Group.
JR WEST Group will also continue to work with all suppliers on activities fulfilling social responsibilities.

Initiatives to Promote Together with Our Suppliers

1. Ensuring safety and security (1) Ensuring the safety and quality of services and products
(2) Providing reasonable prices and meeting deadlines and delivery dates
(3) Providing after-sales service and defect response
(4) Providing appropriate information on services and products
2. Compliance with laws and regulations and preventing corruption (1) Compliance with laws and regulations
(2) Fair trade
(3) Severance from antisocial forces
(4) Prevention of bribery and corruption
(5) Protection of intellectual property
(6) Building of an internal reporting system
3. Respect for human rights (1) Respecting human rights
(2) Eliminating discrimination
(3) Avoiding complicity in human rights abuses
(4) Elimination of harassment
4. Consideration for the work environment (1) Prohibiting forced labor
(2) Prohibiting child labor
(3) Respecting freedom of association, right to collective bargaining, and other workers' rights
(4) Management of appropriate working hours
(5) Payment of adequate wages
(6) Ensuring workplace health and safety
5. Consideration for the global environment (1) Efficient use of resources and energy
(2) Reducing emissions to the atmosphere
(3) Reducing waste
(4) Management of water
(5) Management of chemicals and hazardous substances
(6) preserving biodiversity
6. Ensuring information security (1) Protecting personal and confidential information
(2) Countermeasures against cyber attacks

Sustainable Material Procurement

We are working on material procurement in consideration for society and environment. See our For Business (Material Procurement) for details.

Communication with Our Suppliers

To build a strong partnership with our suppliers, JR WEST Group shares appropriate information and exchanges opinions through individual visits, dissemination of policies via e-mail and the Internet, and by holding explanatory meetings.
In addition, we have a "Whistle-blower Hotline" (exclusively for employees of our suppliers)(link to Japanese page) to receive reports and consultations related to compliance and human rights violations.


To build a sound supply chain, we regularly monitor our suppliers on the status of response and improvement to labor and human rights issues, using surveys and site visits. In addition to sharing examples of initiatives of other companies introduced in group integrated reports as examples of good practice, we will share these issues with some of our suppliers, and collaborate with them to improve initiatives for realizing a sustainable society.
Our most recent monitoring results are as follows.

Monitoring Results

FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Survey 78 companies 265 companies 18 companies
Site visits - * - * 6 companies

*Postponed due to the spread of novel coronavirus infections

Content of Survey of Suppliers

We asked our suppliers about the status of initiatives listed in the JR WEST Group Supply Chain Policy.