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Recommended Browser Environment (From May 24, 2022)

The recommended environment for using this website is outlined below.

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* The recommended environment may vary depending on the content.

* Note that when viewing the site in an environment other than those listed above, operation stability cannot be ensured due to individual device characteristics, or the site may not be displayed correctly or an error may occur.

Required plug-ins

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Exclusion of Responsibility

JR-West has exercised particular care with regard to the information contained in this web site. However, JR-West does not guarantee in any way the accuracy, usability, safety, or any other aspects of the information contained herein.

The information on this web site applies to the time at which the information is posted. With the passage of time, conditions may change such that the information on this web site no longer applies to actual conditions.

This web site contains information related to corporate strategies, business achievements, etc. Items that are not based on historical fact are intended as forecasts of future business achievements and are the results of judgments made by JR-West business managers based on the information available at the time. As such, this information may include risky and uncertain data.

We, therefore, ask investors to please refrain from making investment decisions based solely on the business achievement forecasts posted on this web site.

We also ask that investors understand that actual business results may vary greatly from these forecasts due to a diverse range of important factors. Major factors affecting actual business results include the economic conditions, market trends, etc., related to the various JR-West business areas.

Links to This Web Site

In general, JR-West allows other web sites to freely post links to this web site.
As a rule, the URL for the linked page should be set as "https://www.westjr.co.jp/global/".
Please refrain from using frame links when linking to the JR-West web site, as such links may result in misunderstanding about the original source of information.
Be sure to configure links so that clicking a link to the JR-West web site opens the link in a new window.
If a link button is necessary, please use one of the following options.

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JR-West strictly prohibits the posting of links to this web site from sites that are or may be classified as any of the types of sites listed below.

  • ・ Web sites that are offensive to public order and morals. Web sites that could adversely affect the liability or character of JR-West.
  • ・ Web sites containing material that is slanderous or defamatory to JR-West and its affiliates, or to the employees and executives of JR-West and its affiliates.
  • ・ Web sites containing information that could mislead readers to assume a nonexistent partnership with JR-West or a nonexistent relationship of cooperation or support.
  • ・ Web sites using frame links, etc., that could result in a misunderstanding about the original source of information on the JR-West web site.

In regard to links on the JR-West web site to other web sites, JR-West makes no guarantees about the contents of the linked web sites.


As a general rule, JR-West holds the copyrights for all of the information posted on the JR-West web site. The use of this information (including copying, modification and distribution) without permission in advance from JR-West is prohibited, with the exception of personal use and other uses allowed by the copyright law.

The Handling of Personal User Data

JR-West carefully handles and manages personal user data in accordance with the policies listed below.

The Collection of Personal User Data

In the following cases, this web site may ask the user to provide personal information.

  • ・ When the user issues a request or order for materials about JR-West services, or makes an inquiry about JR-West services.
  • ・ When subscribing to the JR-West e-mail magazine or when registering for any of the available member services.
  • ・ When applying for sweepstakes or events.
  • ・ When responding to a questionnaire.

In the following cases, this web site may ask the user to provide personal information.

How Personal Information Is Used

Personal information provided by a user is used to send sweepstakes prizes, to develop better products, and to improve our level of service. Personal information is not used for any purposes other than these.

The Protection and Control of Personal User Information

For each business operation that handles personal user information, JR-West assigns a supervisor to handle the protection of personal user information in order to ensure proper control over personal information.

The Disclosure of Personal User Information to a Third-party

Personal information of the user is not provided, disclosed, or otherwise made available to a third-party unless prior consent has been received from the user, unless JR-West will be consigning a related work operation to a third-party, or unless a just and suitable reason for such disclosure exists.

Browser Cookies

This web site may make use of browser cookies in order to enhance the information and services provided by the web site, or to make the web site easier to use. Unless prior consent has been received from the user, this web site will not use cookies to obtain any information that could be used to identify the individual user.

Ideas from Web Site Users

This web site may invite users to submit ideas, etc. In such cases, the handling of submitted ideas, etc., will be conducted in accordance with the conditions of the idea submission. JR-West asks users to refrain from submitting to JR-West, via the Internet, any unsolicited technological proposals, business proposals, or similar proposals or suggestions. We request this in order to avoid any conflicts that could occur in the event that such proposals should happen to be similar to unannounced ideas developed independently by JR-West.

In the event that an unsolicited idea or proposal has been submitted to JR-West, JR-West will handle the idea/proposal as described below.

  • ・ JR-West shall assume no obligation to evaluate, examine, etc., a submitted idea, etc.
  • ・ JR-West shall assume no obligation two maintain the confidentiality of a submitted idea, etc.
  • ・ In the event that JR-West adopts an idea that is the same as or similar to a submitted idea, JR-West shall be under no obligation to pay compensation, etc., to the party who submitted the idea.

Applicable Laws

The use of this web site and the application of these terms of agreement comply with the domestic laws of Japan, unless otherwise determined separately.

The initial court trial for any disputes related to the use of this web site shall be submitted to the Osaka District Court, unless otherwise determined separately.