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Wide-Ranging Group Operations

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To improve the usefulness of the JR-West Group for local people, we create appealing environments in and around our stations through a variety of business operations designed to add value to railway facilities.

Distribution Businesses



We offer customers a diverse set of shopping and dining options within and around train stations, from convenience stores to souvenir shops, restaurants, fashion variety shops, drugstores, and bookstores.

Seven-Eleven Heart-in

Seven-Eleven Heart-in

We have formed a tie-up with Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. to renovate existing kiosks and convenience stores in stations. As we further develop station interiors, we will form other tie-ups and open new stores.

Real Estate Businesses

LUCUA osaka

LUCUA osaka

JR-West is developing numerous unique shopping centers from Hokuriku to northern Kyushu. JR-West strives to reflect the features of each location and the needs of the customers in each of its shopping centers, in order to create truly appealing shopping spaces.

J.GRAN Senrioka

J. Gran L Sakai

Through efforts ranging from the operation of large-scale station buildings in its terminal stations to the development of commercial facilities around its stations and under its elevated lines, as well as efforts in residential housing and urban development, primarily in areas along its lines, JR-West is contributing to the development of numerous local areas.

Other Businesses

TiS Osaka

TiS Osaka

Nippon Travel Agency has a history extending back more than 100 years, the longest among Japanese travel agencies. It continues to offer quality travel packages under brands such as "Red Balloon," "Mach," and "Best Excellent."

Hotel Granvia Kyoto

Hotel Granvia Kyoto

JR-West Hotels is engaged in a variety of hotel developments, chiefly in the form of hotels integrated with major station buildings. These facilities, with their outstanding ease of access, stylishly designed interiors, and reliable standards of quality, aim to provide guests with relaxing comfort and services that exceed their expectations.

Taking up the Challenge Presented by New Businesses

We are developing new lifestyle-related service businesses that contribute to comfort and convenience. We are also moving into new business fields through effective use of existing assets and technologies.

  • International web shopping

    International web shopping

  • Agriculture business

    Agriculture business

  • Rehabilitation day services

    Rehabilitation day services

J-West Credit Card

The J-West Credit Card can be used for Shinkansen and limited express train reservations. Just by using it, you accumulate J-West Points, which can be used for a variety of goods and services, such as Smart ICOCA cards.
We also offer an Osaka Station City J-West Card, which allows you to receive points equivalent to up to 3% of your purchase price at Osaka Station City.

  • J-West Card Express

    J-West Card Express

  • Osaka Station City J-West Card (Basic)

    Osaka Station City J-West Card (Basic)

ICOCA Electronic Money

The ICOCA card facilitates the purchase of tickets and commuter passes, and can also be used for shopping. It can be used at approximately three hundred fifty thousand places throughout Japan, a number we’re continually working to increase. In addition to shops in train stations, it is accepted at convenience stores, restaurants, drug stores, and elsewhere in town.

  • The ICOCA Mascot: Ikochan

    The ICOCA Mascot: Ikochan

Operating Revenue by Segment (Year ended March 31, 2016)

Note: The segmental operating revenue figures shown below indicate net sales to external customers as recorded in the consolidated financial accounts.

Operating Revenue by Segment (Year ended March 31, 2015)