West Japan Railway Company Train Status Information

With the suspension of Hokuriku Shinkansen due to the effect of typhoon No.19, it is not possible to use direct train for the Kanazawa / Toyama - Tokyo direction, but from the Hokuriku Shinkansen (between Tokyo and Kanazawa ) direct operation is expected to resume from October 25th.

In the meantime, although it will be an inconvenience for our customers, for the Kanazawa/ Toyama to Tokyo direction, we ask you to please use the Limited Express Shirasagi and Tokaido Shinkansen (transfer to Maibara). The “Tsurugi” between Kanazawa and Toyama operates as usual, and the “special Hakutaka” between Kanazawa and Itoigawa (some trains between Kanazawa and Joetsu-Myoko) is operating approximately every hour.

Please refer to the JR WEST service information for details.


Please refer to this for the information on Shinkansen Line.