For Business (Material Procurement)

General Contract Procedure

Company Registration Procedures

7. Conclusion of the fundamental transaction contract 6. Transaction partner registration and code setting 6. Second examination 5. Submission of sample products; product quality testing and inspection  4. Preparation of documents required for the second examination  4. Meeting with JR-WEST staff in charge regarding items that can be handled, the second examination, and other issues 3. Simple examination (first examination) 2. Contact between the applying company and Japan Railway West Trading (the information will be provided to Japan Railway West Trading )*refer to Japan Railway West Trading website 2. Japan Railway West Trading liaison office products 2. Confirmation of e-mail contents 2. JR-WEST direct purchase items 1. Transmit an e-mail with necessary infomation 1. New transaction request with JR-West

Procedures from Business Negotiations to Ordering and Payment

10. Payment 9. Receiving inspection 9. Order taking and product delivery 8. Order 8. Price and other condition negotiations; competitive proposal comparison 8. Provision of procurement information to companies to request quotations from 8. Submission of quotation

Explanation of Procedures Leading Up to a Transaction

1Request a New Transaction with JR-West, Completion and sending the application form

  • ・ If you are interested in initiating transactions with JR-West, you will complete and send the application form to JR-West.
  • ・ You can access the application form from "The Main Procurement Plan". The form will request your company name, main contact person, scope of business, sales, and other information. See the application form for details.
  • ・ We request that our suppliers handle our inquiries about material procurement in Japanese.

2Confirmation of Application Form Contents

  • ・ In addition to the essential information, you will need to fill the item and product name you want to deal. If we find the application information insufficient, we may request you to send us an additional document. Except a situation where there is no possibility of purchasing the item concerned , every application form will be transferred to the simple examination (first examination) after we accept the application you send. For questions about company registration procedures, please contact us in Japanese.
  • ・ There are two types of items that are purchased by JR-West Finance Department. The first type consists of items that are directly purchased by JR-West, and the second type consists of items that are purchased by our subsidiary, JAPAN RAILWAY WEST TRADING Co. acting as a liaison office. If your transaction involves items handled by Japan Railway West Trading , your application will be processed by that office. (Application data will be provided to Japan Railway West Trading )

3Simple Examination (First Examination)

  • ・ By simply examining the application form from you, JR-West will judge the possibility that you are accepted as our registered company from the viewpoint of business size and results. If we see potential for accepting you as a registered company, you will be transferred to the second examination. Please note that passing this examination does not complete registration of your company as a transaction partner.

4Meeting with JR Staff in Charge regarding Items That Can Be Handled, the Second Examination, and Other Issues

  • ・ If we see potential for accepting you as a registered company in the first examination, we will perform the second examination.
  • ・ We will ask that you come to JR-West and meet with the staff in charge. At this meeting we will explain the particulars of the product required (type, specifications, etc.) as well as the contract conditions. If your company is capable of providing the said products, an examination (second examination) will be conducted to consider your company's registration as a new transaction partner. If we decide to conduct the second examination the necessary documents will be provided to you at this time. When you have completed these documents please submit them to the JR-West staff in charge.

5Submission of Sample Products; Product Quality Testing and Inspection

  • ・ Depending on the item, you may be required to provide a sample product prior to the examination. This is to perform quality inspections and testing on the product.

6Second Examination, Transaction Partner Registration and Code Setting

  • ・ With the documents for examination, we will comprehensively evaluate “reliability in terms of safety”, “sales capabilities”, “financial health”, “technical capabilities”, and “ability to perform the contract including incident and issue response and after-sale conditions”. We also need to ensure that you are not an antisocial force.
  • ・ When you pass the second examination, we will be happy to welcome you as a partner. We issue a supplier code for you to use it in business with us from then on.

7Conclusion of the Fundamental Transaction Contract

  • ・ When continual transactions are expected, the supplier will enter into a fundamental transaction contract the contents of which are determined by JR-West.
  • ・ In addition to basic trading conditions, our fundamental transaction contracts contain conditions on legal compliance, hiring considerations *1 , environmental protection *2  and elimination of anti-social behavior .
    *1 Prohibition of forced labor, child labor and illegal employment of foreign workers, respect for workers’ human rights, etc.
    *2 Management of regulated substances, compliance concerning assessment of matters such as emissions of specific chemicals, and prioritization of energy-saving products

8Provision of procurement information to companies to request quotations from, Negotiation of price and Other Conditions; Competitive Proposal comparison

  • ・ As a rule, JR-West requests competitive quotations from multiple registered companies. When a need for procurement arises, JR-West selects some companies from our registered companies who can handle the required product, after comprehensively taking into consideration the factors such as reliability in terms of safety, quality, technical capabilities, delivery date, price, incident and issue response, after-sale conditions, and management situation. Then we provide procurement information to them and request quotations from them. Please provide JR-West with a quotation when such a request is received. JR-West will then compare the quotations, and following negotiations will determine the transaction conditions and transaction partner (contract partner). Following this, JR-West will order the required products.

9Order Taking, Product Delivery and Receiving Inspection

  • ・ After an order has been placed, the supplier will deliver the products to the designated location within the delivery time frame. At the time of delivery, JR-West will perform a receiving inspection at the delivery location.


  • ・ If the products pass the receiving inspection, payment will be remitted based on the transaction conditions.


  • ・ Procurement procedures are conducted in Japanese.
  • ・ Contracts are interpreted according to the laws of Japan and handled as such.
  • ・ JR West may demand compensation for delays and damages based on contract terms.
  • ・ In order to fulfill the responsibility of CSR with you, JR West may conduct research or investigation how your company addresses corporate governance, human rights, labor force or environmental issues.
  • ・ The above is a general contractual procedure. If a procedure is used which is significantly departs from the general contract procedure, the specific characteristics of this other procedure will be outlined on our website. Should you have any queries about the procedure, please e-mail to the following address (