Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Based on "Our Purpose," "Corporate Philosophy," and "Safety Charter," the Company will continue to make constant efforts to improve railway safety, fulfill its corporate social responsibility, and strive for sustainable development.
In order to realize these objectives, the Company will execute business operations from a medium- to long-term perspective in keeping with the intent of the "Corporate Governance Code" and the characteristics of its businesses, and it will strive to establish long-term trusting relationship with each of stakeholders including shareholders. Furthermore, from the perspective of improving transparency, soundness and efficiency of business operations, the Company, aiming for the enhancement of corporate governance, will make efforts to improve the systems to ensure the following: establishment of corporate ethics, strengthening of functions to monitor and supervise corporate management as well as facilitating prompt decision-making and flexible execution of operations.

Tax Policy

Basic Policy

The West Japan Railway Company, As a corporate group that provides social infrastructure, centered on railway services, is committed to contributing to “the creation of a safe, comfortable society.” by providing safe and sustainable railways and transportation services. We will strive to share our vision with people in local communities, to build communities that people want to visit and live in, and to realize safe, sustainable railway/transportation services. We will contribute to the development of the communities and economies of all countries and regions where we conduct business activities, through the proper payment of taxes.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will abide by the laws and regulations of each country where we conduct business activities, and also comply with the standards issued by international organizations including the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations and the Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), as we make every effort to ensure the proper payment of taxes. Moreover, we will not set up taxation strategies that are not aligned with our business objectives, and we will not engage in arbitrary tax avoidance using countries with light taxation.

Governance System

The director in charge of the Finance Department is the supervisory manager for tax affairs in the Company. The governance of tax affairs is integrated into the Group’s overall governance system.

Tax Risk Management

We will endeavor to minimize tax risks by seeking advice from external experts as required when there is a matter of uncertainty in terms of taxation in our business activities, and also by consulting with the tax authorities in advance.

Relations with Tax Authorities

We will sincerely respond to requests from the tax authorities for reference materials and documents by providing the appropriate information as required. We will endeavor to build good relations with the tax authorities, and strive to resolve any differences of opinions through constructive communication.

Corporate Tax Payments in Japan and Overseas

(Unit: Million yen)
Japan Overseas
Fiscal year ended March 2023 15,965 7
Fiscal year ended March 2022 23,247 5
Fiscal year ended March 2021 15,384 36