About Us

JR-West Corporate Philosophy

  • 1We, being conscious of our responsibility for protecting the truly precious lives of our customers, and incessantly acting on the basis of safety first, will build a railway that assures our customers of its safety and reliability.
  • 2We, with a central focus on railway business, will fulfill the expectations of our customers, shareholders, employees and their families by supporting the lifestyles of our customers, and achieving sustainable growth into the future.
  • 3We, valuing interaction with customers, and considering our business from our customers' perspective, will provide comfortable services that satisfy our customers.
  • 4We, together with our group companies, will consistently improve our service quality by enhancing technology and expertise through daily efforts and practices.
  • 5We, deepening mutual understanding, and respecting each individual, will strive to create a company at which employees find job satisfaction and in which they take pride.
  • 6We, acting in a sincere and fair manner in compliance with the spirit of legal imperatives, and working to enhance corporate ethics, will seek to be a company trusted by communities and society.

Safety Charter

We, ever mindful of the railway accident that occurred on April 25, 2005, conscious of our responsibility for protecting the truly precious lives of our customers, and based on the conviction that ensuring safety is our foremost mission, establish this Safety Charter.

  • 1Safety is ensured primarily through understanding and complying with rules and regulations, a strict execution of each individual's duty, and improvements in technology and expertise, and built up through ceaseless efforts.
  • 2The most important actions for ensuring safety are to execute basic motions, to rigorously enforce safety checks, and to implement flawless communication.
  • 3To ensure safety, we must make a concerted effort, irrespective of our organizational affiliation, rank or assignment.
  • 4When uncertain about a decision, we must choose the most assuredly safe action.
  • 5Should an accident occur, our top priorities are to prevent concomitant accidents, and to aid passengers.

Message from the President and Director

Tatsuo Kijima

President, Representative Director, and Executive Officer

KijimaTwelve years have passed since the Fukuchiyama Line accident of April 25, 2005.
We will continue our efforts to instill and entrench a corporate culture that prioritizes safety, guided by our Corporate Philosophy and Safety Charter.
This year is the final year of our Medium-Term Management Plan 2017 and Safety Think-and-Act Plan 2017, which we both began implementing in April 2013. In order to achieve our goals, we will promote group-wide efforts as well as thoroughly review the issues of the current plans.
April 2017 marked the 30th anniversary of our company’s founding. Over the next thirty years, we will place even more emphasis on cross-functional initiatives that focus on local areas as well as on our customers in order to achieve both the revitalization of local communities and the sustainable growth of the JR-West Group.
Under our slogan "Taking the Next Step, Working together with communities," by moving forward with communities, we will strive to become a truly trusted company.

Medium-Term Management Plan 2017 *Update on April 2015

To give shape to our management vision, the JR-West Group has announced "Our Future Direction - The Ideal Form for JR-West" We will implement the Priority Strategies, which comprise the Three Basic Strategies and the Four Business Strategies. In addition, we will proceed with Building Management and Operational Foundations, fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society, and take the Next Step as we work to realize the New JR-West Group for the next era.

On April 30, 2015 we released an update of the Medium-Term Management Plan, which was based on a review of the past two years, our evaluation of this period, changes in the operating environment, and the anticipated effects of opening the Kanazawa segment of the Hokuriku Shinkansen. While the general direction of the plan remains the same, we have revised certain management targets in light of performance to date. We also decided to focus on growth fields, and we will place particular emphasis on three specific fields: the Hokuriku Shinkansen and invigoration of the Hokuriku Region, the new LUCUA osaka, and efforts to capture to inbound visitor demand. On the basis of this update, we will pursue higher levels of safety and corporate value.

The image of the Medium-Term Management Plan 2017 here (PDF, 1,383KB) PDF

Safety Think-and-Act Plan 2017

As the core of our Medium-term Management Plan, the Think-and-Act Plan 2017 sets specific numerical targets by placing the highest priority on our four commitments related to safety: continual effort to realize safe, reliable transport service; increase level of risk assessment; increasing safety awareness and implementing think-and-act initiatives with the highest priority on human life and investment in safety.

The image of the Safety Think-and-Act Plan 2017 here (PDF, 1,299KB) PDF