Inquiries regarding JR-WEST Services

First, please view the "How to Use JR-WEST" guide.

  • ・ Purchasing, changing, or refunding tickets
  • ・ Riding trains
  • ・ Station facilities and services, etc.

This collection presents frequently asked questions and answers regarding use of JR-WEST services. Questions are organized by category. Please check here before submitting an inquiry.

The following information is also available on the JR-WEST homepage.

Product-Related Inquiries

Please use the following forms to contact JR-WEST regarding purchasing or using JR-WEST RAIL PASS or ICOCA & HARUKA.

Notice : If you can not receive the "Booking confirmation e-mail".

Inquiries Related to a Reservation Submitted Through

For inquiries about changing or refunding a reservation submitted through JR-WESTONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION, please click here.

Inquiries, Comments, and Requests regarding Other JR-WEST Services

Please use the following form to contact JR-WEST.