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About Discover West Japan

Discover West Japan is a guide map full of information on sightseeing
locations, gourmet dining, and exciting attractions available along JR lines
throughout the Setouchi and San’in areas. Enjoy all Setouchi and San’in
have to offer with your rail pass in one hand and this guide in the other!

  • Destination: Setouchi and San’in Check reports from popular 
bloggers before you go!Destination: Setouchi and San’in Check reports from popular 
bloggers before you go!
  • Recommended Spots and BenefitsRecommended Spots and Benefits

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Take advantage of excellent travel
while touring Setouchi and San’in!

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sights around
Setouchi and San’in

Recommended for
JR sightseeing trains


    The San’in area is home to rich nature and various prominent cultural locations, including shrines, breweries, kabuki theaters, and sumo wrestling venues, making this region the source of many Japanese myths. Designed to express the idea of “Native Japanese”, the AMETUCHI offers passengers the opportunity to discover the San’in area’s unique “new old Japan” locations.

  • La Malle de Bois

    The La Malle de Bois is the perfect train for island hopping throughout the Setouchi area with stops in the art port city of Uno, Onomichi and its myriad retro and novel combinations, and Kotohira with its various blessings for the heart, soul, and stomach. With an answer to all of your travel needs, make the most of your journey with the La Malle de Bois.


    The IYONADA MONOGATARI is a retro-modern designed train that runs in the western part of Shikoku along the Seto Inland Sea. During your travels, you can enjoy stunning views and experience local charm with warm hospitality while you savor a meal made with plenty of quality Ehime produce.This sightseeing train that makes two round trips a day between Matsuyama and Iyo-Ozu/Yawatahama.The hospitality of exclusive attendants and the genuine welcome from people along the line warm the hearts of passengers.

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