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[Notice] Product Revisions​

  • · Price and validity revisions will take effect on March 16, 2024 (JST). The product name will also be changed to Hokuriku One-Way Ticket.
    Click here for more information.

THUNDERBIRD One-way TicketTHUNDERBIRD One-way Ticket

*Service between Tsuruga and Kanazawa on the Hokuriku Shinkansen will be available from March 16, 2024.
Use of the pass will be possible between Tsuruga and Kanazawa from that date.


■ Prices are for products purchased through March 15, 2024 (JST)

Service section Adult Child
* Click here to view participating departure/arrival stations.
Fukui 5,000 YEN 2,500 YEN
Kanazawa 6,000 YEN 3,000 YEN
Toyama 7,000 YEN 3,500 YEN
* Click here to view participating departure/arrival stations.
Fukui 4,200 YEN 2,100 YEN
Kanazawa 5,500 YEN 2,750 YEN
Toyama 6,500 YEN 3,250 YEN

■ Prices listed here are for products purchased on or after March 16, 2024.The ticket will be sold as the Hokuriku One-Way Ticket.

Service section Adult Child
* Click here to view participating departure/arrival stations.
Fukui 6,000 YEN 3,000 YEN
Kanazawa 8,000 YEN 4,000 YEN
Toyama 8,500 YEN 4,250 YEN
* Click here to view participating departure/arrival stations.
Fukui 5,000 YEN 2,500 YEN
Kanazawa 6,500 YEN 3,250 YEN
Toyama 7,500 YEN 3,750 YEN

Train Accommodations

  •  THUNDERBIRD One-way Ticket can be used.
  •  Additional separate tickets are required

* When additional tickets are required, obtain the tickets at a JR-WEST station before boarding.

Bullet Train
the valid area

(Between Kanazawa and Toyama; Between Tsuruga and Toyama from March 16, 2024)

Limited Express
Trains excluding
Special Rapid
Rapid Services/
Local Services
in the valid area
Type GranClass -  *1 - -
First Class
(Green) Car
 *2  *2  *2  *4
Ordinary Car
   *3  *5
Ordinary Car
   *3  *6
  • * 1 Separate GranClass Tickets are required.
  • * 2 First Class (Green) Tickets and separate Express Tickets are required.
  • * 3 Separate Express Tickets are required.
  • * 4 Separate First Class (Green) Tickets for Local Services are required.
  • * 5 Separate Reserved Seat Tickets are required.
  • * 6 Separate charges are required when using paid seating services (such as A-seat) on Local, Rapid, and Special Rapid trains in the Kansai area.


Temporary visitor's visa

"Discounted One-way Ticket" user must be holding a passport issued by a foreign government.


"Discounted One-way Ticket" user must be entering in Japan as a "短期滞在(Temporary Visitor)".

* "短期滞在(Temporary Visitor)" is a status of residence defined under Japanese immigration law.

Individual customers are not allowed to purchase or exchange more than one of the same ticket for the same use period.

- You must present your passport to receive a pass.

Purchasing a "Discounted One-way Ticket"

* Available from select overseas travel agencies.

Purchasing Exchange Order through a Travel Agency outside Japan

  • Step 1. Purchase an exchange order(E-TICKET) at sales locations outside Japan.
    • * Once issued, the E-TICKET must be exchanged within 3 months.
  • Step 2. Exchange the E-TICKET for a "Discounted One-way Ticket" at an exchange location in Japan.
    • * E-TICKET exchange locations: Click here for details
    • * Receiving an E-TICKET: Click here for details
    • * The E-TICKET that could not been exchanged can be refunded at the overseas travel agency where the pass was originally purchased. (*A separate handling fee will be applied.)

* The "Discounted One-way Ticket" is not available for purchase within Japan.

Availability and Use

  • · The "Discounted One-way Ticket" is available and usable all year around.

Reserving a Reserved Seat Ticket

· Reserved seat tickets can be reserved at a ticket vending machine or a station ticket office.
Click here for information on reserving reserved seat tickets from a ticket vending machine.


  • · Changing the validity period start date is allowed only once.
  • · The ticket cannot be changed for a different ticket type. The ticket must instead be refunded, and the desired ticket purchased separately.
  • · Changing the departure or arrival station within a section is allowed only once for unused tickets within the validity period.
  • · Changing trains is allowed only once before the departure of the designated train, and only if tickets for the train being changed to are available within the validity period.


  • · Refunds are accepted only at the "Discounted One-way Ticket" exchange location.

    * Click here for information on refund locations for refunds due to non-availability of services, delays, or other circumstances.

  • · The sales price minus a handling fee will be refunded.

    * Handling fee

    • · If no reserved seating ticket has been issued:

      560 YEN

    • · If a reserved seating ticket has been issued:

      Up to 2 days before departure: 560 YEN
      Between day before departure and time of departure:
      30% of original undiscounted Express ticket (based on original ticket purchase date) + 220 YEN
      * Minimum handling fee: 560 YEN

    • · A handling fee equivalent to the Limited express ticket for each train will be applied to a reserved seating ticket after departure time.
  • * Refunds cannot be provided if the "Discounted One-way Ticket" has been used or the validity period has ended.
  • * A refund of an unexchanged E-TICKET is available from the overseas travel agency where the ticket was purchased.
    Please note that an additional handling fee will apply.

Related information

  • · The "Discounted One-way Ticket" is only valid for the "Discounted One-way Ticket" holder.
  • · Presentation of a passport (of the person using the "Discounted One-way Ticket") is required to exchange an E-TICKET.
    * No more than one E-TICKET can be exchanged per passport.
  • · A passport is required when using a "Discounted One-way Ticket" and must be presented to the JR staff upon request.
  • · The "Discounted One-way Ticket" will not be reissued even if lost or stolen.
  • · The conditions of use for the "Discounted One-way Ticket" are stipulated by the JR-WEST carriage conditions and the laws of Japan.
  • · Conditions of use for an exchange order are stipulated by regulations and contracts of issuing companies.
  • · If any discrepancies arise between the foreign language and Japanese versions of the carriage conditions, the Japanese version has precedence.
  • · The information displayed (including prices) is current as of January 23, 2024, and is subject to change.

Ticket Deals and Passes