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Tokaido-Sanyo-Kyushu Shinkansen
(Tokyo - Shin Osaka - Hakata - Kagoshima-Chuo)
Reservation system⋅From May 20, 2020

A seat
with allocated
luggage space

must be reserved
when traveling with
oversized baggage.

In order to provide passengers using
the Shinkansen with a safer,
more comfortable traveling experience,
from May 20, 2020 passengers
with oversized baggage (total dimensions between 160cm and 250cm)
will be required to purchase a seat
with oversized baggage area ticket,
which includes use of
the oversized baggage area.

What are seats with oversized baggage areas?

  • These seats are located at the back of certain cars.
    Non-reserved cars and some reserved cars do not have seats with oversized baggage areas.
  • Passengers who reserve these seats can use the oversized baggage area behind them for their luggage.

Direction of travel seats with oversized baggage areas Oversized Baggage Areas oversized baggage areas*Direction of travel seats with oversized baggage areas oversized baggage areas Oversized Baggage Areas*

※These seats are located in the back row of the car and come with an oversized baggage area that is shared by the passengers who have reserved them.Please be considerate of others when using this area.

When traveling with
oversized baggage
(From May 20, 2020)

  1. 11When purchasing a ticket,
    reserve a seat with oversized baggage area.

    • Seats with oversized baggage areas can be reserved online or using ticket machines at stations.

      ※Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Internet Reservation Service, JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION, JR-KYUSHU Train Reservation

    • When purchasing a ticket at a ticket office, inform the member of staff that you will be traveling with oversized baggage.
    • Tickets are the same price as reserved seats in ordinary cars and green cars.
    • Passengers traveling with oversized baggage without a reservation will be charged a baggage fee (1,000 yen including tax).In this case, store your baggage as instructed by the train crew.
    • Seats with oversized baggage areas are limited, so book your reservation early.If no seats are available, please make a reservation on an earlier or later train.
  2. 22After boarding, place your luggage in the oversized baggage area behind your reserved seat.

    Oversized Baggage AreasOversized Baggage Areas

The changes do not affect passengers traveling
with baggage with total dimensions of 160cm or less.

  • On Shinkansen trains, baggage with total dimensions of 160cm or less can be stored in the luggage rack.
  • Seats with oversized baggage areas can also be reserved by customers who need extra luggage space for items such as strollers.

Q&A - Keeping you informed and at ease

QQ Why do we need to make a reservation for the oversized baggage?
AA As the number of tourists has grown recent years, the number of passengers with large baggage on Shinkansen trains has also increased. With the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place in Tokyo, this trend is expected to continue. In preparation for this, an advance reservation system whereby passengers traveling with more than a set amount of luggage must reserve baggage space together with their seat was introduced.
QQ Can we reserve seats with oversized baggage area on all trains and in all cars?
AA It depends on the train; some trains have no seats with oversized baggage area.
QQ Can I reserve a seat with oversized baggage area even if I don't have oversized baggage?
AA Passengers who do not have oversized baggage can reserve these seats, for example if they require extra luggage space or are traveling with someone who has oversized baggage. However, due to limited availability and the fact that it may not be possible to recline your seat when oversized baggage is stored, passengers are advised to reserve other seats wherever possible.
QQ Will it still be possible for any passenger to put baggage behind the last row seats once the reservation scheme has started?
AA This area is for passengers who have reserved seats with oversized baggage areas and may not be used by other passengers. In addition, passengers on Japan Railway trains are asked to keep their luggage near them at all times. In cars that do not have oversized baggage area seats, the space behind the back row is reserved for use by passengers seated in that row.
QQ Will there be any changes to the rules regarding the weight limit and amount of baggage on Shinkansen trains?
AA No, you will still be allowed to carry two pieces of baggage weighing less than 30kg and with total dimensions of less than 250cm and a maximum height of 200cm.
QQ Will the baggage size limits for conventional lines be changed?
AA No, reservations will only be required on Tokaido-Sanyo-Kyushu Shinkansen trains.
QQ What should I do when traveling with a stroller, sports equipment or a musical instrument?
AA The oversized baggage rules do not apply to strollers, sports equipment (bicycles, etc.) or musical instruments, however, a reservation is required if you wish to use the oversized baggage area.

This service is to
ensure passenger security,
safety and convenience.
Thank you for your cooperation.