How to use JR-West

Exchanging E-Tickets (Purchased at a Travel Agency) from a Green Ticket-Vending Machine

For customers with a QR code similar to the design on the right, please follow the procedure below to receive tickets.

Ticket reception location The stations at which tickets can be received are limited depending on the pass type.
Click here for more information.
Deadline for receiving tickets 3 months from E-Ticket issue date
Items needed to receive tickets Passport QR code


  • * Be sure to receive your ticket before boarding the train. Boarding the train without first receiving your ticket will result in your having to purchase the necessary tickets again inside the train (at a non-discounted price).
  • * QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE Incorporated.

Receiving Tickets from a Ticket-Vending Machine

Receipt flow1

Tickets can be received at a green ticket-vending machine displaying the mark in the ticket reception station.
Click here for information on ticket reception stations

  • Receipt flow2

    Select the language you wish to use.
    * The initial display is in Japanese

  • Receipt flow3

    Select "Receive reserved ticket(s)".
    * The screen may be different.

  • Receipt flow4

    * The screen may be different.

  • Receipt flow5

    Scan the QR code you were issued when you made your reservation, or enter the Exchange Order No. included with your E-TICKET.

  • Receipt flow6

    Enter the date you will start using the ticket.
    * The usage start date cannot be changed after the ticket is issued.

  • Receipt flow7

    Confirm the conditions of use (passport, entry visa, etc.).

  • Receipt flow8

    Confirm that you accept the purpose for which your personal information will be used.

  • Receipt flow9

    Swipe the passport page with your photograph on it.
    * A passport with an IC chip is required for this.
    If your passport does not have an IC chip, please go to the ticket office. Some passports with IC chips may not be readable. Please visit the ticket office if your passport cannot be read.

  • Receipt flow10

    Your ticket will be issued. Please take it from the machine.

  • Receipt flow11

    Use the ticket to enter the automated ticket gate (GATE B).