Three Further Advanced Capabilities

The Series N700 boasts high security and reliability. As its technology has evolved, the new series was designed in the form of overall electric-motor coaches, consisting of eight cars responding to the steep slope railways which are characteristic of the Kyushu section. Moreover, technologies to enhance passenger travel comfort such as semi-active dampers have also been adopted, as well as introducing a vehicle smoothing system and low-noise pantograph to make an eco-friendly and energy-saving vehicle.

High Security and Reliability

1. Succeeding the highly-reliable performance of the Series N700
The major equipment such as the confoguration of the car body structure, main circuit and brakes have been carried over from the conventional Series N700, using reliable technologies to further enhance security.
2. Overall Eight-Car Electric-Motor Coach
In order to respond to the steep slope railways of the Kyushu section, all eight cars have been fitted with electric motors, which enhances the reliability of travel.
3. Enhanced Redundancy for Each System
Compared to the conventional sixteen-car train, the new series consists of half the number - eight cars - which is a short formation. Thanks to the enhanced main system redundancy, it boasts high reliability, like its Series N700 predecessor, even with such a compact vehicle.

Railcar System with Enhanced Reliability

Various enhanced railcar systems have been installed to handle circumstances, including events such as equipment breaking down while in operation, a control system to boost other motor power, as well as a control system to temporarily boost motor power and enable restart when traveling on steep rail gradients (35 permil), unique to the Kyushu section. Our new Shinkansen is resistant to any trouble.

Enhanced Comfort

1. Improved Riding Comfort
As well as the advanced semi-active suspension system on all cars, the new ATC system, exclusively designed for the Kyushu section, enables smooth braking performance, enhancing riding comfort.
2. Quiet Passenger Cabin
By adopting cover-all hoods, as well as the expanded use of a double-skin body structure, it reduces both the external and internal noise of the train.

Enhanced Environmental Capabilities

1. Eco-Friendly Applied Mechanism
Various systems, including cover-all hoods, a bogie skirt and a low-noise pantograph, have been successfully adapted to make it an eco-friendly vehicle by reducing external noise.
2. Energy Conservation
The Series N700 saves energy by optimizing its nose-shape, smoothing the vehicle with cover-all hoods and a bogie skirt and reducing body weight, as well as employing a regenerative brake system to cover all the electricity needed for braking.