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Safety Research Institute

Examples of Research Result Applications

(1)Basic Research on Safety Management System Construction — Research on Risk Assessment Methods in Operation Workplaces

  • Research on Effective Praise and Criticism
  • Research on Implementation of Hand Gestures and Verbal Confirmations in Railway Operations
  • Research on Operator Attention Concerning Radio Reception
  • Research on Sleepiness Prevention Measures for Railway Staff
  • Research on Preventing Operation Errors with Single-Operator Door Switches
  • Research on Centralized Monitoring of Safety Equipment for Shinkansen Maintenance Vehicles

(2)Analysis of Human Errors Caused by Skilled and Novice Operators

(3)Research on Construction of Mechanisms to Eliminate a Chain of Errors

  • Fundamental Research on Mechanisms behind a Chain of Errors
  • Research on Countermeasures in Case of Irregular Situations — Toward Construction of a Railway CRM
  • Research on Effective Customer Cooperation Requests and Appeal Methods — Emergency Button Investigation
  • Research on Influence of Passenger Noise on Driving Operations
  • Third-Party Research on Ensuring Employee Motivation and Pride

(4)Research on Operator Motivations

(5)Research on Improving Relationship between Operation Mentors and Apprentices

  • Fundamental Research on Attention Characteristics under High Arousal Condition
  • Research on Twin and Single Operating Levers
  • Research on Human Interface for Improving Shinkansen Maintenance Vehicle Operability

(6)Research on In-Cab Sound Environment

(7)Research on Operator Gaze Behavior

  • Questionnaire-Based Research on Draft Cab Screen Designs
  • Research on Volume of Alarm Sounds during Train Operation

(8)Fundamental Research on Analytical Methods for Understanding Potential Risks of Human–Machine Operations

  • Research on Prevention of Railway Accidents Caused by Human Error
  • Research on Cooperation between Operators and Conductors
  • Verification of Passenger Boarding/Alighting in Locations with Elevating-Type Platform Screens
  • Research on Psychological Burdens on Operators Due to Platform Screens

(9)Measurement of the Effects of Human Factor Education

  • Verification of Passenger Flow Check Monitors
  • Research on Smartphone Usage at Stations
  • Research on Countermeasures for Intoxicated Individuals on Platform
  • Research on Cab Handle Placement for Ease of Use

(10)Prototyping of Test Light-Emitting Devices and Measurement of Visibility

  • Research on Procession of Operator Proficiency When Introducing New Train Models