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Safety Research Institute

In-House Initiatives

In addition to promoting fundamental research on human factors, the Safety Research Institute is involved with various research by request from each field within the company in an effort to reduce specific human errors on-site.

Also, by regularly exchanging opinions with each department of the head office, we widely disseminate the concept of human factors and the latest research results while understanding the needs within the company and working to improve the safety of railway.

Moreover, the Institute promotes various initiatives such as accepting trainees, delivering on-site lectures on specific fields, and conducting experiments that take advantage of on-site facilities.

Initiatives Outside the Company

In conducting research on human factors, the Safety Research Institute often asks the Railway Technical Research Institute for guidance. The Institute also seeks guidance from universities and other institutions, and the research results obtained through this joint research and other efforts are presented to academic societies and railway-related publications both within Japan and throughout the world in an effort to share findings with as many people as possible in a variety of fields.

Furthermore, while collaborating with the Kansai Railway Association and the Kinki Transport Bureau, we set up opportunities for research presentations and discussions. The Kansai railway administrations gather to discuss improving railway safety, with human factors at the core.

Finally, the Institute also actively conducts lectures not just for the railway industry but also various other industries— including airline, electricity, gas, medicine, police, and firefighting—all in an effort to spread the ideas and results of human factor research as wide as possible.

Research System

Research organization chart as of June 1, 2023

Facilities and Lab ware

The Safety Research Institute has various lab ware including an advanced simulator for reproducing operation situations, as well as various video and audio devices.

The above depicts an experiment looking for issues in distinguishing between alarm sounds in the train cab while the operator is on board.