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Mar 13 Introduction of interchangeable use of electronic money with "ICOCA", "Suica", and "TOICA"
Nov 7 Introduction of Series 189 new model to "Hamakaze" Limited Express


Mar 5 Introduction of new online train reservation service "e5489"
Introduction of interchangeable use of "TOICA", "ICOCA", and "SUGOCA"
Mar 12 Debut of "Mizuho" and "Sakura" direct through service trains on the Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen Lines
Mar 12 Introduction of Series 287 new model to "Konotori" and "Kinosaki" Limited Expresses
Mar 27 Start of use of movable platform fence at Kitashinchi Station on JR Tozai Line
Apr 18 Start of full-time all-day operation of "Women Only cars"
May 4 Grand opening of Osaka Station City


Mar 17 Introduction of Series 287 new model to "Kuroshio" Limited Express
Mar 17 Start of "ICOCA" service at JR Shikoku (Takamatsu, Sakaide)
May 11 Start of online issuing of delay certificate for major lines in Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe urban area


Mar 13 Medium-Term Management Plan 2017 and Safety Think-and-Act Plan 2017 announced
Mar 23 Start of nationwide reciprocal use of 10 transport IC cards
Dec 21 Debut of new JR-West N700A series cars


Apr 6 Closure of Modern Transportation Museum
Jun 4 West Japan Railway Daily Service Net Co., Ltd. and Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd., open their first five stores as part of a collaborative venture


Mar 14 Opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line between Nagano and Kanazawa Stations, debut of "Kagayaki", "Hakutaka" and "Tsurugi"
Mar 14 The operation of the Hokuriku Line between Kanazawa and Naoetsu Stations was transferred to semi-public corporations
Apr 30 The update of the JR-West Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2017 announced
Aug 30 Closure of Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum


Mar 19 Start of use of movable platform fence at Kyobashi Station on JR Gakkentoshi Line
Mar 26 Opening of Maya Station and Higashi-Himeji Station on JR Kobe Line
Start of use of elevating-type platform fences at Takatsuki Station on JR Kyoto Line
Apr 28 Opening of Kyoto Railway Museum (with grand opening on Apr 29)
Jun 15 Publication of third-party safety evaluation report for Safety Management System
Aug 17 Designation of Kyoto Railway Museum’s No. 233 locomotive as a national important cultural property


Feb 19 Introduction of New ATC system for Sanyo Shinkansen Line
Mar 4 Extension of line between Kabe and Aki-Kameyama stations, and opening of Kodo-Homachigawa, Aki-Kameyama, and Jike (Sanyo Line) stations
Jun 17 Introduction of services aboard TWILIGHT EXPRESS MIZUKAZE
Dec 11 Oil leakage occurs aboard Nozomi 34 where the wheels and motor are located, and cracks appear in steel frame (marking the first major Shinkansen incident)


Feb 1 Announcement of “JR West Group Railway Safety Action Plan 2022”
Mar 27 Report received from Expert’s Conference on Major Shinkansen Incidents
Apr 27 Announcement of “JR-West Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2022”
Jun 18 6.1 M earthquake in northern Osaka Prefecture
Jul 6 Damage throughout western Japan due to heavy rains
Oct 1 Introduction of ICOCA Point and PiTaPa Postpay Service
Nov 11 Elevation of Higashi-Yodogawa Station onto the bridge, and elimination of rarely open railroad crossings near the station


Mar 16 Opening of the Osaka Higashi Line between Shin-Osaka and Hanaten stations; introduction of the A-Seat paid seating service on certain Special Rapid trains on the JR Kobe, JR Kyoto, and Biwako lines
Mar 18 Start of Limited Express “Raku-Raku Harima” operation on JR Kobe Line during rush hour
Mar 21 Acceptance of evaluations from outside committee members from the Expert Conference on major Shinkansen Incidents
Apr 1 Opening of JR-West's first in-house nursery school at Suita
Jul 1 Merger of JR West Japan Shopping Center Development Company and Tennoji Shopping Center Development Company
Jul 10 Obtainment of railway business certificate for the Naniwasuji Line
Sep 4 Launch by JR-West and JR West Japan Shopping Center Development Company of WESPO, an app to keep track of loyalty points that can be used at shopping centers managed by the JR-West Group
Oct 1 Fares and charges revised in line with the consumption tax increase
Oct 12 Widespread damage caused in western Japan by Typhoon 19, including heavy damage to the Hokuriku Shinkansen
Oct 23 Operations resumed on the Geibi Line between Miyoshi and Karuga stations, where services had been suspended due to the impact of the West Japan Heavy Rainfall Disaster last year