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Mar 1 Start of "5489 Service" for making train ticket reservations by telephone
Mar 11 Debut of "Hikari Rail Star" on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line
Apr 7 Modern Transportation Museum and Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum formed sister museum relationship with the National Railway Museum in York, England
Nov 6 Start of "e5489" service for making train ticket reservations via the Internet


Oct 1 TiS headquarters merged with Nippon Travel Agency
Dec 1 Enactment of the revised law of JR Corporate Law


Jul 1 Trial use of "Women Only cars" on Gakkentoshi and Osaka Loop lines. "Women Only cars" expanded to other lines in December and also introduced during evening rush hour


Mar 15 Introduction of Series 683 new model to "Shirasagi" Limited Express
Sep 3 Opening of Shanghai Representative Office in Shanghai, China
Oct 1 Smoking prohibited on all the station concourses throughout the day
Nov 1 Start of "ICOCA" IC card service

"ICOCA" automatic ticket gate system


Mar 12 Secondary sale of stocks held by the government, resulting in achievement of complete privatization
May 16 Start of Osaka Station renovation work
Jun 21 Opening of JR-West Customer Center
Aug 1 Introduction of interchangeable use of "ICOCA" and "Suica", and "ICOCA" designed for children


Feb 20 Introduction of automatic ticket gate system on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line
Apr 25 Accident occurred between Tsukaguchi and Amagasaki Stations on the Fukuchiyama Line (the JR Takarazuka Line) in which a rapid service train derailed and crashed into an apartment, taking the lives of 106 passengers and injuring over 500 more
May 31 Submission of Safety Improvement Plan to Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Jun 19 Restart of operation between Amagasaki and Takarazuka Stations on the Fukuchiyama Line (the JR Takarazuka Line)
Sep 25 Combined memorial service and safety gathering held for the victims of the Fukuchiyama Line accident
Oct 1 Introduction of "ICOCA" electronic money service


Jan 21 Introduction of interchangeable use of "ICOCA" and "PiTaPa"
Apr 1 "Establishment of JR-West Corporate Philosophy" and "Safety Charter"
Apr 25 Memorial service held for "the victims of the Fukuchiyama Line accident"
May 23 Electrically propelled ferry, "the Miyajima-maru", enters service
Jun 25 Opening of "Safety Research Institute"
Jul 22 Application of Shinkansen reservation service "Express Reservations" expanded to the whole line of the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen Lines
Oct 21 Start of DC operation between Nagahama and Tsuruga Stations on the Hokuriku Line and between Nagahara and Omi-shiotsu Stations on the Kosei Line

"Safety Research Institute" establishment


Apr 3 Establishment of Railway Safety Education Center
Jun 1 "Railway Safety Report" published
Jul 1 Introduction of Series "N700" new model to "Nozomi" Super Express on Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen lines
Sep 1 Introduction of "ICOCA" service at 135 stations on 10 lines in the Okayama and Hiroshima areas
Sep 7 Following presentation of report findings on Fukuchiyama Line Train Accident by Aircraft and Railway Accident Investigation Committee of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, a list of response measures was formulated and presented to the ministry
Oct 1 Establishment of "JR-West Iwill Co., Ltd.", a new company for the promotion of disabled employment

N-700-Series Nozomi

Osaka-Higashi Line completion ceremony


Mar 15 Opening of the Osaka Higashi Line between Hanaten and Kyuhoji Stations
Opening of 7 new stations including Shimamoto Station on the JR Kyoto Line
Mar 18 Introduction of interchangeable use of electronic money with "ICOCA" and "Suica"
Mar 26 Announcement of Basic Safety Plan
Mar 29 Introduction of interchangeable use of "ICOCA", "Suica", and "TOICA"
Sep 15 End of "J-through" sales
Dec 1 Completion of windbreak fence at Kosei Line between Hira and Omi-Maiko Stations


Apr 1 Establishment of JR-West Anshin Foundation as a general incorporated foundation
Jun 1 Introduction of Series 683-4000 new model to "Thunderbird" Limited Express
Jun 1 Smoking prohibited on limited express cars in all conventional lines