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An Overview of the Derailment Accident on the Fukuchiyama Line

Overview of Accident

Approx. 9:18 am, April 25, 2005 (Weather conditions: Sunny)
Between Tsukaguchi Sta. and Amagasaki Sta., Fukuchiyama Line;
Approx. 1,805 m before Amagasaki Sta. (Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture)
Trains Involved
Rapid train from Takarazuka Sta. bound for Doshishamae Sta.
Train No. 5418M (EMU 207 series, 7 cars)
Between Tsukaguchi Station and Amagasaki Station, train No. 5418M entered a rightward curve with a radius of 304 m at 116 km/h—greatly exceeding the speed limit of 70 km/h for the corner. As a result, the first through fifth train cars derailed, causing the first and second cars to collide with an apartment building on the left side of the direction of travel.
On this derailment , 106 passengers and the train driver were killed and 562 passengers were injuried.
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