For Business (Material Procurement)

Procurement of overseas track facility diagnosis system

We decided to procure a track facility diagnosis system utilizing image processing and sensing technologies from overseas supplier.
The system enables safer and more efficient inspection. Inspection works currently conducted visually by maintenance personnel will be performed with a vehicle diagnosis system equipped and installed.
And this is the first case in Japan to introduce a system on board which conducts image analysis and detects points where maintenance work is necessary.

We are committed to provide a high-quality service for our customers. In line with this objective, our company, in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner, has procured best-value-for-money products and services. We have also attached high importance to the reliability of after-sales services.
In accordance with the Codes of Conduct, which are available on our website, we will continue to seek high-quality technology, goods and services for the advancement of railways.

July 11,2017
West Japan Railway Company