Social Media Policy

The attitudes and actions the Company shall observe toward social media services operated by the Company (hereinafter “Services”) are as follows.


The Service is designed to provide better communication with overseas travelers visiting Japan, thereby ensuring better understanding and information availability in the hopes of creating a better travel experience.


  • 1. As a general rule, the Company will not respond to inquiries, opinions, etc. that are related to posts (including comments, photos, videos, links and other content; hereinafter “Content”) from users, or to replies to posts from users, shared via the Service.
  • 2. The Company guarantees that users retain the copyrights to submitted Content (including intellectual property rights conforming to patent rights and trademark rights; hereinafter “Rights”). However, although the Rights of Content from users to the Service belong to the user responsible for the Content, by posting, the user gives the Company permission for free and non-exclusive use (including copying, processing, and publishing) of the Content, both in Japan and internationally, and agrees not to exercise author copyright or moral rights to the Company.
  • 3. Users who submit Content that is copyrighted by any other person, and users who submit Content to which they do not have the appropriate rights, are considered to be in violation of this policy. Note that the Company accepts no responsibility in such instances.

Adherence to Laws and Prohibited Matters

  • 1. Users agree not to use the Service for the purpose of illegal acts or through illegal means. Moreover, users shall comply with the laws and regulations of the applicable countries or regions, and accept the Internet usage practices.
  • 2. Users are prohibited from posting Content that includes any of the following to the Service. If a submission from a user is found to include any of the following, administrators reserve the right to delete the post and take other necessary measures, without notice to the user, as they see fit.

    • •  Content that is not related to the Service
    • •  Content that is posted as if from a third party (including the Company or a social media representative)
    • •  Content that includes false or misleading facts
    • •  Content that identifies any individual in an unfavorable or misleading way
    • •  Content that is obviously mischievous or exhibits no linguistic meaning (including word salad, meaningless text lists, and repetitive posts with similar Content)
    • •  Content that includes personal information (including names, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, and telephone numbers) (Does not apply to information automatically displayed by the functions of the social media service.)
    • •  Content that infringes on or has the potential to infringe on the intellectual property rights (including copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, and trademark rights), property rights, trade secrets, portrait rights, privacy, or other rights and interests of the Company or a third party
    • •  Content that slanders or has the potential to slander the Company or a third party, or that might otherwise damage the honor or credibility of the Company or a third party
    • •  Content related to sales activities, political activities, or religious activities
    • •  Content that contains computer viruses or other harmful programs, including those designed to damage or destroy the social media service or the computer systems of the social media company
    • •  Content that is or has the potential to be considered in contrast to public order or morals
    • •  Content that is or has the potential to be considered a criminal act or in any way violation of laws or regulations
    • •  Content that contains information from which signatures or legal notices have been deleted
    • •  Content that disrupts the operation of the system, or is deemed inappropriate by the Company

Compliance in Relation to Damages to Third Parties

In the event that a user causes damages to a third party through the use of the Service, the user will be solely responsible for resolving any conflict with said third party under and at their own expense, including any resulting compensation. The Company will bear no responsibility in such circumstances.

Compensation for Damages

The Company reserves the right to claim damages from the user in the event that the user causes damages to the Company through a violation of these terms.


The Company does not bear any responsibility for the following matters. However, the Company accepts responsibility for damages to users through intentional actions of the Company or through gross negligence.

  • •  The completeness, accuracy, legality, and usefulness of information on the Service, including Content from users
  • •  The loss of users directly or indirectly caused by the use of information or Content included in the Service
  • •  Damages caused to users through the use of or failure to use the Service
  • •  Problems arising between users or between users and third parties stemming from the use of the Service
  • •  Failure, maintenance work, or other unavoidable circumstances related to computers, social media, communication lines, etc., resulting in interruption or delays when posting to the Service, or tampering, falsification, or cancellation of any kind due to hacking
  • •  Loss of information made available through Content provided to the Service by the user
  • •  The termination of or changes to the Service, or the posting functions of the Service, without notice to users


All links provided through the Service are to websites operated by individuals, companies, or organizations. Users have the right to click or not click a link based on their own judgment. Please note that links on the Site do not necessarily indicate a relationship between the Company and such individuals, companies, or organizations, including employment, delegation, representation, or partnership. All linked sites are the responsibility of the individual, company, or organization operating the site, and are beyond the control or responsibility of the Company. The Company in no way guarantees the completeness, accuracy, legality, usefulness, etc. of the products, services, or information provided through sites operated by said individuals, companies, or organizations. Users are requested to carefully consider the credibility and safety of any external site before clicking on a link.

Handling of Personal Information

All personal information obtained from users will be handled according to the Privacy Policy on the JR-West website (

Changes in Terms of Services

The Company reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement without consent of the user. In the event the terms are changed, the terms of the revised agreement will be applicable to all users who use the Service after the changes have been implemented. Moreover, the updated terms will be effective from the time indicated on this page unless otherwise specified.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

Posts to the Service and the interpretation and application of these terms shall be governed by Japanese law. Moreover, all disputes arising through the use of the Service shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Osaka District Court on the first instance.

Terms of Use

For any matters regarding the use of the Service not stipulated in this agreement, the Terms of Use of the JR-West website ( shall apply mutatis mutandis.


For inquiries related to West Japan Railway Company, please visit Please note that the Company will not respond to inquiries related to the system status of the social media service, including technical questions, and inquiries related to the functions, usage, etc. of applications provided by third parties that can be used on the social media services. For train status information, please visit the appropriate section on the JR-West website (

Supplementary Provisions

The terms outlined shall be effective from February 1, 2019.
These terms are translated from the original Japanese. The original Japanese version takes precedent regarding any differences between the English translation and Japanese original.