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Kansai WIDE Area Pass Reservations

Before reserving a Kansai WIDE Area Pass

Before clicking the “Agree” button to proceed to the Application form, ensure that you have read and understood the following:

Agree Inquiry / Change Cancel

  • Caution: A Visitor may reserve Kansai WIDE Area Pass ONLY ONCE per visit.
Reservations Process


Reserve JR-WEST RAIL PASS from this website.

Print out a copy of your booking confirmation e-mail, which you will receive within 24 hours of submitting your application.
Please also note that it may take a while to respond to your inquiry.

Go to JR-WEST Ticket Office at the JR-WEST station you specified when you made your reservation, and pay for and collect your rail pass.

Picking up your rail pass at Kansai-airport