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IR 29 Jan 2016
FY 3/2016 Third Quarter Financial Results
NEWS 5 Jan 2016
Corporate Governance Report (Translation:PDF 562KB)
NEWS 9 Dec 2015
Notice Regarding Investment in the Urban Passenger Railway Business in Brazil(Translation:PDF 103KB)
NEWS 4 Nov 2015
A new pass for overseas visitors to Japan:Osaka-Tokyo Hokuriku Arch Pass(PDF 238KB)
IR 2 Nov 2015
Results for the first half ended September 30, 2015 and Future Initiatives
IR 30 Oct 2015
FY 3/2016 Second Quarter Financial Results
IR 30 Oct 2015
Notice Relating to the Revision to the Forecast of Dividends for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31,2016(the 29th Fiscal Year)
NEWS 30 Sep 2015
Annual Report 2015
IR 17 Sep 2015
Use of Selfie Sticks is prohibited on the platform(PDF 194KB)
NEWS 11 Aug 2015
About us Updated
IR 30 Jul 2015
FY 3/2016 First Quarter Financial Results
IR 16 Jun 2015
Position and Policies on Reduction of Minimum Stock Trading Unit (Translation;PDF 86KB)
IR 30 Apr 2015
The update of the JR-West Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2017
IR 30 Apr 2015
FY 3/2015 Financial Results
IR 30 Apr 2015
Notice Relating to Dividend Payments from Retained Earnings
IR 31 Mar 2015
NEWS 20 Jan 2015
A new value Pass for the Hokuriku area will be released!! & The San’in and Okayama areas will also expand for easier access! (PDF 1.77MB)
NEWS 25 Nov 2014
New service for overseas visitors For the first time ever on JR West trains! Free Wi-Fi on Ltd. Express “Haruka”(PDF 180KB)
NEWS 19 Nov 2014
Many products for visiting customers purchasing tickets that are sold from March 1, 2015!!(Translation:PDF 1.99MB)
IR 29 Oct 2014
Notice of Variance between Forecasts and Actual Results for the First Half of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2015 and Revision to Full-Year Forecasts(Translation:PDF 99KB)
NEWS 28 Oct 2014
For Business (Material Procurement) Updated
IR 3 Oct 2014
Notice regarding basic fares, express train charges, etc., of the Hokuriku Shinkansen(Translation:PDF 474KB)
IR 27 Aug 2014
Plan for Opening the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line between Nagano and Kanazawa (Translation:PDF 131KB)
(Attachment)(Translation:PDF 186KB)
IR 21 Aug 2014
Notice Relating to a Company Split (Simplified Absorption-Type Company Split) (Translation:PDF 106KB)
NEWS 24 Jul 2014
Setting up of a “Ticket Reservation Office(Midori-no-madoguchi)” for foreign passengers visiting Japan at Kansai Airport station(PDF 270KB)
NEWS 22 May 2014
San'in & Okayama Area Pass on sale from May 1