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NEWS 25 Nov 2014
New service for overseas visitors For the first time ever on JR West trains! Free Wi-Fi on Ltd. Express “Haruka”(PDF 180KB)
NEWS 19 Nov 2014
Many products for visiting customers purchasing tickets that are sold from March 1, 2015!!(Translation:PDF 1.99MB)
IR 29 Oct 2014
Notice of Variance between Forecasts and Actual Results for the First Half of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2015 and Revision to Full-Year Forecasts(Translation:PDF 99KB)
IR 29 Oct 2014
FY 3/2015 Second Quarter Financial Results
NEWS 28 Oct 2014
For Business (Material Procurement) Updated
NEWS 15 Oct 2014
Annual Report 2014
IR 3 Oct 2014
Notice regarding basic fares, express train charges, etc., of the Hokuriku Shinkansen(Translation:PDF 474KB)
IR 27 Aug 2014
Plan for Opening the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line between Nagano and Kanazawa (Translation:PDF 131KB)
(Attachment)(Translation:PDF 186KB)
IR 21 Aug 2014
Notice Relating to a Company Split (Simplified Absorption-Type Company Split) (Translation:PDF 106KB)
NEWS 5 Aug 2014
About us Updated
NEWS 24 Jul 2014
Setting up of a “Ticket Reservation Office(Midori-no-madoguchi)” for foreign passengers visiting Japan at Kansai Airport station(PDF 270KB)
IR 30 Jul 2014
FY 3/2015 First Quarter Financial Results
NEWS 22 May 2014
San'in & Okayama Area Pass on sale from May 1
NEWS 22 May 2014
Hokuriku Area Pass on sale from May 1
NEWS 22 May 2014
Special Spring Rail Pass plans now available
IR 30 Apr 2014
FY 3/2014 Financial Results
IR 30 Jan 2014
FY 3/2014 Third Quarter Financial Results
NEWS 18 Dec 2013
CSR Updated