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Railway Operations

Operation Area Network

The JR-West railway network extends over a total distance of 5,007.1 km, covering 18 prefectures. With the objective of enhancing safety, the JR-West Group is united in action to implement its Safety Think-and-Act Plan 2017. Meanwhile, to ensure that our railway inspires trust and a sense of reliability in the customer, we work to instill an ethos of customer satisfaction, to deliver convenient and user-friendly facilities, and to improve the quality of our customer-facing operations.

Transportation Revenues

Map of Rail Lines in Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe Area

Travel Times for Major Routes of the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen

(As of March 14, 2015)
Shin-Ōsaka - Okayama 44min
Shin-Ōsaka - Hiroshima 1h19min
Shin-Ōsaka - Hakata 2h22min
Shin-Ōsaka - Kumamoto 2h58min
Shin-Ōsaka - Kagoshima-chūō 3h42min
Okayama - Tōkyō 3h9min
Hiroshima - Tōkyō 3h44min
Hakata - Tōkyō 4h47min

* Fastest travel times are shown.

Hokuriku Shinkansen

The following types of trains are operated within the area of JR-West.

Kagayaki Trains operating between Tokyo and Kanazawa (Express)
Hakutaka Trains operating between Tokyo and Kanazawa (Local)
Tsurugi Trains operating between Toyama and Kanazawa (Shuttle)

FY2015, etc. refer to the fiscal years ending March 2015, etc.

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