Travel area guide in West Japan



JR-WEST tickets mainly consist of three types. Select the ticket that fits your journey to get the best deal.

Purchasing single and return tickets

How to Use Ticket Machines

1Look at the route map above the ticket machines to check the price to destination.

2Insert money.
Both notes and coins can be used.

3Touch the on-screen price that matches your destination.

4The ticket and your change, if any, will appear from the respective slots.
  • *Single and return tickets can be used on Rapid and Local trains.
  • *An extra express ticket is required to ride any Express train (including Shinkansen).

Purchasing ICOCA Passes

ICOCA passes can be used nationwide on trains and buses carrying the “IC mark“ symbol.

Ride on trains and buses

No need to purchase tickets, just touch the automatic ticket barrier with the pass to quickly go through.
As long as the card is charged (topped up) when it is touched onto the card reader on the ticket barrier, in just one second it will be recognized, and the fare deducted automatically for the section ridden.
Touch the reader on the automatic ticket barrier

Other areas where ICOCA can be used


ICOCA passes can be easily purchased from ticket machines (some excluded) and ticket offices (some excluded) in the JR-WEST ICOCA area.
ICOCA is a card that can be used again and again. So, to prevent throwaway waste, a 500-yen deposit is incorporated into the purchase price of a new card (pass). The deposit is refunded to the user when the card is returned.

Purchasing ICOCA at a ticket machine

The ticket machine in the photo below is the type where ICOCA passes can be purchased. Follow the instruction order on the below to make purchases.
(You can choose between English and Japanese as the language to be displayed on the ticket machine screen.)

Ticket machine

  • 1Touch the "Buy ICOCA" button on the screen.
  • 2Insert money (notes).
  • *Purchases cannot be made by credit card.
  • *In order to travel in the ICOCA area on an express train, a separate express ticket must be purchased.
  • *ICOCA cannot be used to ride the shinkansen.

Recharge your ICOCA

Recharge (top up) your ICOCA pass for repeated use.
  • *ICOCA cannot be recharged by credit card.
  • *Use cash (card limit is up to ¥20,000) to charge your card.
Even if the ICOCA is getting low on funds, it can be easily recharged at ticket machines or payment machines, to allow further use!

Charge at ticket machine, Charge at payment machine

Get the refund

When you no longer need your card, take it to a JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-madoguchi) in the area (some offices excluded), to return the card, and receive back your deposit of ¥500.
  • *If the card is still charged with money, the remaining amount will be refunded along with the ¥500 deposit, minus a ¥220 commission.
  • *If the remainder (money) on the card is less than the commission, that remainder will be deducted, and the ¥500 (deposit) returned.

Go shopping


ICOCA (Electronic Money)-can be used at shops carrying ICOCA symbol.
When shopping, touch the shop's card reader with ICOCA® until you hear "peep, peep", and the purchase is complete without the need for change – really convenient. ICOCA® can also be used at station Kiosks, drink vending machines, coin lockers, taxis, convenience stores, restaurants, and more.

*In some shops, if your ICOCA card does not have sufficient funds, you can use it together with cash (you will need to confirm this with the store in question).

at a Vending Machine
  • 1First, press the button of the product you want.
  • 2Touch your ICOCA to the card reader until you hear “peep, peep!”
  • 3Take the product from the dispensing section of the vending machine.

Steps for using ICOCA (Electronic Money)

  • 1Take products to the cash register.
  • 2Present your ICOCA as your form of payment.
  • 3Confirm the amount to be paid on the cash register and then touch the card to the reader!
  • 4Once you hear Peep “peep, peep”, payment is completed.

Most of the Shops that accept ICOCA (Electronic Money)

A great way to pay without the need for loose change!

*There are other stores that accept ICOCA.