Travel area guide in West Japan

Access from Kansai Airport

Introduction of Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA” and Kansai-Airport Rapid Service

Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA”

Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA”

Direct access to Kyoto!
*Both train fare and separate express fare required.
Kansai-airport to Tennoji35minutes
Kansai-airport to Shin-Osaka50minutes
Kansai-airport to Kyoto1hour20minutes

*Required times are approximations.


Feel free to use JR-WEST FREE Wi-Fi on “HARUKA”.
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  • Local trainsLocal trains
  • Green cars (1st class)Green cars (1st class)
  • Luggage spaceLuggage space

Times of first and last trains from
Kansai-airport Station

 First trainLast train
(Sat & Holidays [Sun])
Kansai-airport 6:30 departure
(6:40 departure)
22:16 departure
Tennoji 7:15 arrival
(7:18 arrival)
22:49 arrival
Shin-Osaka 7:37 arrival
(7:37 arrival)
23:07 arrival
Kyoto 8:02 arrival
(8:02 arrival)
23:32 arrival

Times of first and last trains to
Kansai-airport Station

 First trainLast train
(Sat & Holidays [Sun])
Weekdays (Sat & Holidays [Sun])
Kyoto 5:45 departure
(5:45 departure)
20:30 departure
(20:30 departure)
Shin-Osaka 6:17 departure
(6:17 departure)
21:00 departure
(21:00 departure)
Tennoji 6:38 departure
(6:38 departure)
21:21 departure
(21:18 departure)
Kansai-airport 7:10 arrival
(7:10 arrival)
21:59 arrival
(21:55 arrival)
Hello Kitty HARUKA

Kansai-Airport Rapid Service

Kansai-Airport Rapid Service

Direct access to
Osaka(Umeda, Tennoji)!
Connects with Kishiuji Rapid Service between Osaka and Hineno.
Please make sure you get on the right train.
Kansai-airport to Osaka1hour 5minutes
Kansai-airport to Tennoji45minutes

*Required times are approximations.

Time of first train from Kansai-airport Station

 First train
 Weekdays (Sat & Holidays [Sun])
Direct Rapid service (Kansai-Airport Rapid)
Kansai-airport5:50 departure (5:54departure)
Tennoji 6:38 arrival (6:40 arrival)
Osaka7:03 arrival (7:02 arrival)

Time of last train to Kansai-airport Station

 Last train
 Weekdays (Sat & Holidays [Sun])
Kansai-Airport Rapid
Osaka 22:24 departure (22:24 departure)
Tennoji 22:44 departure (22:44 arrival)
Kansai-airport 23:35 arrival (23:36 arrival)
How to View Timetable
Once through the ticket barrier, pay attention to the timetable display to confirm your destination.


*This information is current as of 16 March, 2019. It may be changed without notice.

*Required times are approximations.


Special Benefits


  • Unlimited rides on Sanyo Shinkansen and Limited Express trains covering a wide variety of Kansai areas!
  • Enjoy online reservations, convenient access, and great benefits!
  • Easy ticket reception for quick usability upon landing!
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