Ticket Deals and Passes

[Notice] Product Revisions

  • · The sections where the pass can be used will change on March 16, 2024 (JST).
    Click here for more information.



Service section Adult Child
Osaka City
* Click here to view participating departure/arrival stations.
Okayama,Kurashiki 5,100 YEN 2,550 YEN
Fukuyama,Onomichi 6,800 YEN 3,400 YEN
Hiroshima City* Click here to view participating departure/arrival stations. 7,900 YEN 3,950 YEN
Shin-Yamaguchi 9,400 YEN 4,700 YEN
Kokura,Hakata 10,900 YEN 5,450 YEN
Kokura,Hakata Okayama,Kurashiki
* Passes purchased on or after March 16, 2024, can be used between Kokura/Hakata and Okayama.
8,900 YEN 4,450 YEN
Fukuyama,Onomichi 8,300 YEN 4,150 YEN
Kokura Hiroshima City* Click here to view participating departure/arrival stations. 5,300 YEN 2,650 YEN
Shin-Yamaguchi 2,600 YEN 1,300 YEN
Hakata Hiroshima City* Click here to view participating departure/arrival stations. 6,300 YEN 3,150 YEN
Shin-Yamaguchi 3,600 YEN 1,800 YEN

Train Accommodations

  •  SANYO-SHINKANSEN One-way Ticket can be used.
  •  Additional separate tickets are required

* When additional tickets are required, obtain the tickets at a JR-WEST station before boarding.

Bullet Train "SANYO
valid area * Including
"Hello Kitty Shinkansen"
Limited Express /
Express Trains in
valid area
Special Rapid Services/
Rapid Services/
Local Services in the
valid area
Type First Class
(Green) Car
 *1  *1  *3
Private room - - -
Ordinary Car
  *2  *5
Ordinary Car
  • * 1 First Class (Green) Tickets and separate Express Tickets are required.
  • * 2 Separate Express Tickets are required.
  • * 3 Separate First Class (Green) Tickets for Local Services are required.
  • * 4 Separate Reserved Seat Tickets are required.
  • * 5 Separate charges are required when using paid seating services (such as A-seat) on Local, Rapid, and Special Rapid trains in the Kansai area.


Temporary visitor's visa

"Discounted One-way Ticket" user must be holding a passport issued by a foreign government.


"Discounted One-way Ticket" user must be entering in Japan as a "短期滞在(Temporary Visitor)".

* "短期滞在(Temporary Visitor)" is a status of residence defined under Japanese immigration law.

Individual customers are not allowed to purchase or exchange more than one of the same ticket for the same use period.

- You must present your passport to receive a pass.

Purchasing a "Discounted One-way Ticket"

* Available from select overseas travel agencies.

Purchasing Exchange Order through a Travel Agency outside Japan

  • Step 1. Purchase an exchange order(E-TICKET) at sales locations outside Japan.
    • * Once issued, the E-TICKET must be exchanged within 3 months.
  • Step 2. Exchange the E-TICKET for a "Discounted One-way Ticket" at an exchange location in Japan.
    • * E-TICKET exchange locations: Click here for details
    • * Receiving an E-TICKET: Click here for details
    • * The E-TICKET that could not been exchanged can be refunded at the overseas travel agency where the pass was originally purchased. (*A separate handling fee will be applied.)

* The "Discounted One-way Ticket" is not available for purchase within Japan.

Availability and Use

  • · The "Discounted One-way Ticket" is available and usable all year around.

Reserving a Reserved Seat Ticket

· Reserved seat tickets can be reserved at a ticket vending machine or a station ticket office.
Click here for information on reserving reserved seat tickets from a ticket vending machine.


  • · Changing the validity period start date is allowed only once.
  • · The ticket cannot be changed for a different ticket type. The ticket must instead be refunded, and the desired ticket purchased separately.
  • · Changing the departure or arrival station within a section is allowed only once for unused tickets within the validity period.
  • · Changing trains is allowed only once before the departure of the designated train, and only if tickets for the train being changed to are available within the validity period.


  • · Refunds are accepted only at the "Discounted One-way Ticket" exchange location.

    * Click here for information on refund locations for refunds due to non-availability of services, delays, or other circumstances.

  • · The sales price minus a handling fee will be refunded.

    * Handling fee

    • · If no reserved seating ticket has been issued:

      560 YEN

    • · If a reserved seating ticket has been issued:

      Up to 2 days before departure: 560 YEN
      Between day before departure and time of departure:
      30% of original undiscounted Express ticket (based on original ticket purchase date) + 220 YEN
      * Minimum handling fee: 560 YEN

    • · A handling fee equivalent to the Limited express ticket for each train will be applied to a reserved seating ticket after departure time.
  • * Refunds cannot be provided if the "Discounted One-way Ticket" has been used or the validity period has ended.
  • * A refund of an unexchanged E-TICKET is available from the overseas travel agency where the ticket was purchased.
    Please note that an additional handling fee will apply.

Related information

  • · The "Discounted One-way Ticket" is only valid for the "Discounted One-way Ticket" holder.
  • · Presentation of a passport (of the person using the "Discounted One-way Ticket") is required to exchange an E-TICKET.
    * No more than one E-TICKET can be exchanged per passport.
  • · A passport is required when using a "Discounted One-way Ticket" and must be presented to the JR staff upon request.
  • · The "Discounted One-way Ticket" will not be reissued even if lost or stolen.
  • · The conditions of use for the "Discounted One-way Ticket" are stipulated by the JR-WEST carriage conditions and the laws of Japan.
  • · Conditions of use for an exchange order are stipulated by regulations and contracts of issuing companies.
  • · If any discrepancies arise between the foreign language and Japanese versions of the carriage conditions, the Japanese version has precedence.
  • · The information displayed (including prices) is current as of January 23, 2024, and is subject to change.

[NOTICE] Sanyo Shinkansen Passengers

  • · Starting May 20, 2020, passengers bringing baggage with dimensions totaling more than 160 cm but less than 250 cm on three sides (oversized baggage) on Sanyo Shinkansen are required to reserve a seat with an oversized baggage area. Shinkansen passengers with oversized baggage may use a reserved seating JR-WEST RAIL PASS and a section ticket, or a separate Unlimited Ride Oversized Baggage Ticket (available for purchase at JR-West Ticket Offices in major JR-West stations) if using a non-reserved seating JR-WEST RAIL PASS. Please ask a station attendant for more details.
  • Unlimited Ride Oversized Baggage Ticket Information
  • Information on Oversized Baggage

Ticket Deals and Passes