Depending on the customer’s usage situation, we may suspend operations of regular trains and temporary trains.

Tokaido-Sanyo-Kyushu Shinkansen

(Tokyo - Nagano – Kyoto – Shin-Osaka – Okayama – Hiroshima – Kumamoto – Kagoshima-Chuo)
Some train operation are to be suspended【from February 1】
*We have currently suspended the on-board sales services on the Sanyo Shinkansen.

Hokuriku Shinkansen

(Tokyo - Nagano - Toyama - Kanazawa)
Some train operation are to be suspended 【from March 13】
*We have currently suspended the on-board sales services on the Hokuriku Shinkansen.
*Gran Class sales are canceled on the Hokuriku Shinkansen.
Beverage and snack services provided by attendants at Gran Class are suspended on the
Hokuriku Shinkansen “KAGAYAKI” and “HAKUTAKA”(Section: Kanazawa to Tokyo ) .

Conventional lines

THUNDERBIRD(Kanazawa - Fukui - Kyoto - Osaka)

Operation plan(Timetables)【from March 13】

KUROSHIO(Kyoto - Shin-Osaka – Wakayama – Shirahama – Shinguu)

Operation plan(Timetables)【from March 13】

KOUNOTORI(Shin-Osaka - Kinosakionsen)

Operation plan(Timetables)【from March 13】

KINOSAKI/HASHIDATE/MAIZURU(Kyoto – Kinosakionsen/Amanohashidate/Higashi-Maizuru)

Operation plan(Timetables)【from March 13】

YAKUMO(Okayama – Izumoshi)

Operation plan(Timetables)【from March 13】

Temporary rapid train

SAN’IN KAIGAN GEOLINER(Toyooka – Tottori) is suspended 【from February 6】

Sightseeing train

SL. KITABIWAKO(Maibara - Kinomoto) is suspended 【from April 6 2021】
※Depending on the recovery situation, we will make an appropriate decision on returning to the usual timetable.

【Handling of tickets for suspended trains】
Passengers with train tickets that will be suspended can change to another train or refund the tickets without charge