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Handling in Cases of Suspension of Train Service or Other Issues

This is an explanation of how to handle cases where the reservation doesn’t work as planned due to train service being suspended, system problems or the like.

1. If train service is suspended (for customers eligible for a full refund without application of a handling fee)

If you have not received your ticket

The procedure will be handled at the Support Center.

  • * Eligible persons will be notified in a separate e-mail.
  • * We request that customers do not request a refund from the reservation website themselves. If you have requested a refund yourself and been charged a handling fee (in Japanese yen), please contact the Support Center and we will return the handling fee (in Japanese yen) to you.

If you have already received your ticket

Bring the following 2 items to the JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-madoguchi) in a large station and tell the staff:

  1. the ticket you received
  2. the credit card you used to pay for your reservation
  • * Such cases cannot be handled by the Support Center.
  • * For Special Discounted Tickets, handling may be different, so please ask the station staff.

2. If there is some other system problem

It may be the case that we cannot provide the service due to emergency maintenance, communications failure, system problems, etc. If you are unable to receive your already reserved ticket please tell the station staff.
In such cases, you may pay the fare anew (in Japanese yen) and take the train.
Furthermore, it may not be possible to buy a Special Discounted Ticket, etc. anew.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we humbly request your understanding and cooperation.

3. Important or emergency announcements

Important information regarding massive train delays or suspension of service, system maintenance, etc., we will issue a public notification on the reservation website homepage or the JR West website.