Enjoy economical unlimited travel from Tokyo and Osaka to the Hokuriku area!

Experience the nature and traditions of Hokuriku along one of JR’s newest routes.

Hokuriku Arch Pass

Available starting Apr, 2016!

7 Consecutive Days Unlimited Rides ¥24,500(Purchased outside of Japan) / ¥25,500(JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION/Purchased within Japan)


Price and Validity

Sale period

Year-round starting
April 1, 2016

Use period

Year-round starting
April 1, 2016

Validity period

7 continuous days

Adult Child
Purchased outside of Japan 24,500 yen 12,250 yen
Purchased within Japan
25,500 yen 12,750 yen


  • Ticket prices and how tickets are reserved/received will change accordingly. We appreciate your understanding.
  • A passport, reservation number, identification number, and credit card are required to receive a pass reserved via JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION. Click here for more information.
    * Identification number is a 4-digit number you set.
  • Reserved seat tickets can be reserved when using JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION.
    * When purchasing a pass from an overseas travel agency, a reserved seat ticket can be reserved at a sales location after arriving in Japan.
  • For more information on reservations submitted through JR-EAST Train Reservation, click here.
  • Adults: Individuals 12 and over when the exchange order for a rail pass is issued or when purchasing.
  • Children: Individuals between 6 and 11 years old when the exchange order for a rail pass is issued or when purchasing.
  • Up to two young children (1 to 5 years old) can be covered free of charge by one adult or child pass.
  • For three or more young children, a child pass will be required for each individual.
  • Infants younger than 1 year old will not be charged.
  • A child pass will be required for young children in the following instances:
  • If the young child will sit alone in a reserved seat.
  • If the young child will be traveling alone.

Click here for details on exclusive benefits

Service Zones and Available Trains

Service zones

Unlimited use of ordinary car reserved seat on Hokuriku Shinkansen (Tokyo to Kanazawa), limited express, and local (including rapid service) trains and all Tokyo Monorail lines within the free usage area.

* Service on Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen is not covered.

  • ※1 The pass can be used for traveling between Kanazawa and Tsubata on the IR Ishikawa Railway, but not to stations between these stations.
    The pass can also be used for traveling between Kanazawa and Tsubata on IR Ishikawa Railway limited express trains.
  • ※2 The pass can be used for traveling between Takaoka and Toyama on the Ainokaze Toyama Railway, but not to stations between these stations.
    *Separate fees apply when using a car or train where numbered boarding tickets or liner tickets are required.
  • This pass can only be used by foreign tourists visiting Japan from abroad under "短期滞在 (Temporary Visitor)" entry status. (It cannot be used by Japanese citizens.)
※To be eligible as a short-term resident, the following requirements must be met:
  • ・A stay of up to 90 days with the intent of tourism, etc.
  • ・A passport stamp signifying the short-term stay status, provided by Immigration when arriving in Japan.

※Residents of Japan, including those with permanent residence abroad, are not eligible for the pass.

  • Individual customers are not allowed to purchase or exchange more than one of the same ticket for the same use period.

Pass validity
  • The pass will be valid for seven consecutive days from the first day of use.
  • The pass will be valid at 12:00 a.m. from the start day to 12:00 a.m. on the last day (all times Japan Standard Time). However, if the validity period expires while riding a train on the last day, the pass will be valid for the fare until the following day so long as the passenger does not exit the station, and for ticket fees so long as the passenger does not depart the train.

Service Trains

  • Hokuriku Shinkansen (KAGAYAKI, HAKUTAKA, ASAMA, TSURUGI)
  • Tohoku/Yamagata Shinkansen (HAYATE, YAMABIKO, NASUNO, TSUBASA) ※1[Tokyo–Omiya only]
  • Joetsu Shinkansen (TOKI, TANIGAWA) [Tokyo–Takasaki only]
GranClass seat FirstClass (Green) Car seat Ordinary Car
Reserved seat Non-reserved seat
※2 ※3 ※4
Conventional lines
  • Narita Express (limited to area)
  • Kansai-Airport Express "HARUKA"
  • Limited Express "THUNDERBIRD"
  • HANAYOME NOREN&Belles montagnes et mer
  • and more
  • Tokyo Monorail
  • Limited express, express, special rapid service, rapid service, and local service trains within the area
Limited Express Trains Special rapid services, rapid services, and local services
First class (Green)
car seat
Ordinary Car First class (Green)
car seat
Ordinary Car
Reserved seat Non-reserved seat Reserved seat Non-reserved seat
※3 ※4 ※5 ※4 ※6
  • ※1 A separate limited express ticket is required for Tohoku/Hokkaido Shinkansen "HAYABUSA" and Akita Shinkansen "KOMACHI".
  • ※2 A separate GranClass ticket and limited express ticket are required.
  • ※3 A separate Firstclass(Green) ticket and limited express ticket are required.
  • ※4 When using reserved seating, make sure to reserve seats in advance before boarding.
  • ※5 A separate Firstclass(Green) ticket is required.
  • ※6 A separate charges will apply if using carriages / trains that require numbered or liner tickets.

How to Purchase

Purchasing from outside of Japan

Purchasing Exchange Order through a Travel Agency outside Japan


Reservations are accepted via JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION up to one month before boarding (starting at 10:00 am (JST) on same day of preceding month).
· The applicable sales price of the product will vary according to the purchase date and not the date of exchange or the date of use.

> Agree and Submit Reservation

Purchasing from within Japan

Purchasing at JR-WEST Ticket Office

About Credit Card Payment
· The following credit cards can be accepted as payment at JR-WEST stations.
* Only the card holder can use the credit card.
You must present your passport to receive a pass.

Click here for a list of exchange and purchase locations

How to Use

Pass through automatic ticket gates using the Hokuriku Arch Pass.
Skip the lines at crowded staffed ticket gates!

Use the Hokuriku Arch Pass at ticket machines to reserve seats.
Avoid crowded station ticket offices and reserve tickets for reserved seating easily from any available ticket machine!

how to Use

  • This pass does not guarantee you a seat on any particular train. Seat reservations may be made in advance without any additional payment. To do this, you should apply at a JR ticket office or Travel Service Center in a JR-EAST or JR-WEST station. Reservations can be made at a reserved seat ticket vending machine up to six times. (For additional seat reservations, please visit a JR Ticket Office). To travel in a Non-Reserved seat, all you need is this pass. Please note that Non-Reserved seats are not available on all trains.
    *All seating of Ordinary Cars on the "Narita Express" and the "Swallow Akagi" can be reserved. If you are boarding a train without having reserved a seat, please use a vacant seat on the train.
  • If you travel in the Green Car on a Local Train, you must pay an extra charge besides the pass. If you travel in the Green Car or GranClass in a Shinkansen, Limited Express or Rapid Service, you must pay the associated express charge as well as the extra charge. If you travel in a Sleeping Car, you must pay the associated express charge as well as the extra charge and basic fare. You cannot change your ticket to a Reserved seat or Sleeping Car after boarding.
  • Additional fees apply when boarding carriages or trains that require numbered tickets or liner tickets.

Notes on Usage


  • Once issued, the validity period and pass type cannot be changed.
  • Validity periods will not be extended even in the event of non-availability of train services, delays, etc.
  • Conditions vary for reservations submitted via JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION. Click here for more information


Hokuriku Arch Pass refunds
  • The Hokuriku Arch Pass can only be refunded at the station it was purchased from before the start of the validity period.
  • When refunding the pass, a charge of 10% of the sales price (in Japanese yen) will be required, and the remaining balance will be refunded.
  • - Passes with the magnetic ticket removed from the backing cannot be refunded.
  • - Refunds cannot be provided after the starting date.
  • - Passes cannot be refunded due to reasons such as non-availability of service and delays.
Exchange order refunds
  • To refund an exchange order, please consult the issuing company.
  • Exchange order refunds are not handled by JR-East or JR-West.

When a train is canceled or delayed

  • JR is unable to extend the validity of the pass or issue refunds for any reason, including due to service cancellation or delays after use of the pass has begun. Similarly, JR is not liable for costs incurred by passholders as a result of changes in scheduled service, including transportation or lodging expenses.

Lost tickets

  • The pass cannot be reissued if lost or stolen.

Related information

  • While using this pass, you must carry your passport and show it if requested.
  • Passes will not be reissued in the event of loss or theft.
  • The terms and conditions of the pass are set by JR-East and JR-West, by the provisions and passenger carriage contracts of the lines of each company, and by the laws of Japan.
  • The terms and conditions of the rail pass exchange orders are determined by the issuing company’s provisions and agreements.
  • If there is any doubt regarding conditions of carriage written in a foreign language, the Japanese version of the conditions will be regarded as the official wording.
  • The information displayed (including prices) is current as of March 18, 2023, and is subject to change.
Hokuriku Arch Pass Online Reservation
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