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ICOCA Electronic Money

ICOCA Electronic Money Easy shopping with your ICOCA card! Quick payments without the hassle of change or small coins

What is ICOCA Electronic Money?

Funds added to ICOCA cards can be used as electronic money at convenience stores, restaurants, vending machines, coin-operated lockers, and other locations both inside and outside the station.



ICOCA electronic money is accepted at all stores displaying the ICOCA mark.

  • * ICOCA electronic money is also accepted at locations that accept Kitaca, PASMO, Suica, manaca, TOICA, Hayakaken, nimoca, and SUGOCA cards.

Using ICOCA Electronic Money

Using at a shop

  • 01
    Tell the staff you will be paying by ICOCA.
  • 02
    Verify the payment amount, and touch the ICOCA card to the reader.

Using at a vending machine

  • 01
    Press the button for the desired product.
  • 02
    Touch the ICOCA card to the reader until a confirmation sound is heard.
  • * ICOCA electronic money cannot be used in combination with cash.

Recharging ICOCA Electronic Money

ICOCATo add funds to the card, insert money into a ticket-vending machine, fare adjustment machine, or recharge machine displaying the ICOCA mark, or recharge the card using cash at an applicable participating store. (Not available at all locations.)

Recharging at a store

  • 01
    Take the ICOCA card to the register at an applicable participating store.
  • 02
    Tell the clerk you would like to recharge your ICOCA card.
  • 03
    Pay the amount you would like to add to your ICOCA card using cash.
  • 04
    Verify the recharge amount, and touch the ICOCA card to the reader.

Notes on ICOCA Electronic Money

  • ICOCA cannot be used as a payment method for some products, including gift cards.

    Ask the clerk for more information.

  • Be aware of the remaining balance on the ICOCA card.

    Any payment amount that cannot be covered by ICOCA electronic money will need to be paid in cash.In addition, no more than one ICOCA card can be used at a time.

  • Charging is not possible if the resulting balance will be more than 20,000 yen.