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Usage Area

ICOCA cards can be used all across Japan on railways and buses, and at participating shops displaying the IC mark. The IC mark is used to note the interchangeability of transportation cards throughout Japan.

Accepted throughout the ICOCA usage area as well as participating areas with other IC cards

With just one card, travelers can use ICOCA for railways, buses, and other purchases not only throughout the ICOCA usage area but also in usage areas for Kitaca, PASMO, Suica, manaca, toica, PiTaPa, Hayakaken, nimoca, and SUGOCA cards.

In addition to stores that accept ICOCA, cards charged with electronic money can also be used at stores that accept any of the above cards.
(Please note that ICOCA electronic money is not accepted in place of PiTaPa.)











ICOCA Usage Notes

  • With some exceptions, ICOCA cannot be used for traveling between two different areas.(For more information on usability in other areas, please see the terms and conditions for the card of the applicable area.)
  • ICOCA cards cannot be used outside the abovementioned areas.
  • Within the ICOCA area, cards cannot be used for traveling more than 200 km of service distance.
    However, this does not apply in the following cases.
    • When used within the Osaka suburban area
    • When used between an Osaka suburban station and conventional line stations where the following Limited Express trains stop: Thunderbird, Shirasagi, Kuroshio
    • When used between Limited Express Yakumo stations
    * Does not apply to unscheduled stops of Limited Express trains at non-Limited Express stations.
  • ICOCA cards cannot be used on Shinkansen trains.