WOWRIDE IKOSSA Fukui GO Awara Onsen Tour

To the sky, to the sea, underground, and to Tokyo! This is WOW RIDE! Explore the charm-filled Awara touring course.

While touring Awara Onsen, Mikuni, and Tojinbo, the evil fossil hunter Dundee (Yoichi Nukumizu) bursts into the bus! He makes WOW RIDE lose control and flies all over the place!


Departure/Arrival: Echizen Railway Awara Yunomachi Station

Tour Duration

About 30 mins


Yoichi Nukumizu, Umi Yamano (Voice), Yoshimasa Hosoya (Voice) and others


Departure/Arrival: Echizen Railway Awara Yunomachi Station

*Night Operation

Departure/Arrival: Echizen Railway Awara Yunomachi Station


Fare JR Fukui Station⇒Onsen
A 2,200yen
B 2,200yen
June 2024
July 2024
August 2024
September 2024


Awara Onsen Tour

Mikuni Minato Retro

Mikuni Minato Town flourished during the Edo to Meiji period through Kitamae ship trading. Today, the town still retains its nostalgic charm with rows of lattice-doored townhouses and remnants of wealthy merchants. By applying for a walking guide tour with the volunteer guide group "Kitamae Mikuni," visitors can delve deeper into the history and allure of Mikuni Minato.


"Tojinbo" features extensive columnar jointing, spanning approximately 1 km. Such a massive formation of columnar jointing is rare worldwide, earning it a place among the "Three Great Oddities of the World." Recognized for its rarity on a national level, Tojinbo has been designated as a "National Natural Monument" and selected as one of "Japan's Geological Wonders."

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