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The main personality is voice actor, Yoshimasa Hosoya! Experience the nostalgic WOW RIDE Radio all the way to Awara Onsen!

WOW RIDE Radio, brought to you by voice actor Yoshimasa Hosoya. Includes verbal guidance and explanations about Awara Onsen–Mikuni and Tojinbo, a radio drama set in Mikuni, and much more! Don’t miss the talk by Junko, the famous guide!


JR Fukui Station⇒Echizen Railway Awara Yunomachi Station

Tour Duration

About 50 mins


Yoshimasa Hosoya and others


JR Fukui Station⇒Echizen Railway Awara Yunomachi Station

*Night Operation

JR Fukui Station⇒Echizen Railway Awara Yunomachi Station


Fare JR Fukui Station⇒Onsen
A 2,200yen
B 2,200yen
June 2024
July 2024
August 2024
September 2024


To Awara Onsen

Awara Yunomachi Station

The closest station to the hot spring town is the Echizen Railway's "Awara Yunomachi" station. It's about a 40-minute ride from JR Fukui Station on the local Echizen Railway Mikuni-Awara Line. It also takes about 15 minutes by car from JR Awara Onsen Station to reach the hot spring town. Tourist information and more can be obtained at the Awara Onsen Information Center "Oshieru Za," located in front of Awara Yunomachi station.

ARATA slope

Sakuranamiki said that which was Sean's model who appears on a popular animation and an animation "Chihayafuru ". A paper lantern is on time of the cherry tree, and many flower viewing visitors visit. By March, 2019 and a cast of "Chihayafuru ", Awara City, the monument in which a tag of a card stuck was a nickname as "ARATA slope" for inside" Watatani record" (cotton and New), and was built.

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