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What kind of life did the future Ashikaga Shogun Yoshiaki live...?

What kind of life did the future Ashikaga Shogun Yoshiaki (acted by Yoichi Nukumizu) live...? An imaginary story presented in the signature tone of the legendary storyteller Teikyo Ichiryusai.
*The Ichijodani Outbound/Return may have overlapping content. Thank you for your understanding.


JR Fukui Station⇒Ichijodani Asakura Family Site Museum

Tour Duration

About 30 mins


Teikyo Ichiryusai, Yoichi Nukumizu, Ayasa Takahashi, Oolongta Yoshida, and others


JR Fukui Station⇒Ichijodani
JR Fukui Station⇒Ichijodani


Fare JR Fukui Station⇒Ichijodani
A 2,200yen
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June 2024
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Ichijodani Outbound/Return

Ichijodani Asakura Family Site Museum

In addition to recreating a portion of the Asakura residence, where the 5th lord, Asakura Yoshikage, lived, to its original scale, highlights include the exposed display of stone pavement ruins, thought to be part of the river port "Ichijo's Inlet," a key distribution hub, and a giant diorama recreating the town below the castle at a 1/30th scale.

Ichijodani Asakura Family Site

Located about 10 kilometers southeast of Fukui City, in Ichijodani, the Asakura clan ruins mark the site of a castle town where the Asakura family, over five generations, ruled the province of Echizen for 103 years during the Sengoku period. The remains of samurai residences, temples, townhouses, artisan houses, and roads have been excavated in almost perfect condition, and the site has been designated as an Important Cultural Property, Special Historic Site, and Place of Scenic Beauty by the national government.

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