Customer Support

JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi Service

How to use the Free Wi-Fi service

To Customer Using JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi at Stations and Commercial Facilities

Wi-Fi Settings

Select "JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi" on the Wi-Fi settings screen of your device, and then start your web browser.

Authentication Method Selection

On the usage agreement screen,select one of the following authentication methods:

an SNS Account

Enter the details of your SNS account ( ID and password) to complete the authentication. You can now use JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi.

* You can use a Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

Authentication with
an Email Address

Enter your email address to register temporarily. An email will be sent to the address you have registered. This email contains a URL for you to follow in order to complete the registration. Access this URL during the temporar yregistration period (5 minutes) in order to complete the authentication. You can now use JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi.

To Customers Using
JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi on a Train

Without being authorized at stations or commercial facilities, customers using JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi for the first time in a train have to obtain a guest code in advance. Prior to your visit to Japan (for example), please send an email to the following address from an environment that is connected to the Internet. An email containing your guest code will be sent as a reply to your message.


- If you require secure communication, we recommend that you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a paid public wireless LAN service.
* To use this service, your device must be set to enable the automatic acquisition of IP addresses and DNS server addresses. If an IP address and a DNS server address are already set on your device, we recommend that you write down these settings before using this service.
* For any other inquiries, access the following URL (only available in English):