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JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi Service

Map of Hotspot Locations


JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi is available on trains featuring the Wi-Fi Wi-Fi sticker inside the car.

Location details

Major JR-WEST stations

No Locations Wi-Fi Service Areas
1 Itoigawa Ticket gates
2 Kurobe-Unazukionsen Ticket gates
3 Toyama Ticket gates (Shinkansen Gate) and waiting rooms
4 Shin-Takaoka Ticket gates
5 Kanazawa Ticket gates (Shinkansen Gate and IR Ishikawa Railway) and waiting rooms
6 Fukui Ticket gates
7 Saga-Arashiyama Ticket gates
8 Kyoto*1 Ticket gates(Central, West, and Underground East gates)
9 Inari Ticket gates
10 Uji Ticket gates
11 Osaka Ticket gates(Central, Midosuji, South, Sakurabashi, and Bridge gates)
12 Shin-Osaka*1 Ticket gates (East Gate), waiting rooms, and JR West Travel Corner
13 Universal-City Ticket gates
14 Tennoji Ticket gates (Central and East gates)
15 JR-Namba Ticket gates
16 Kansai-airport Ticket gates (JR Gate) and JR Ticket Office
17 Nara Ticket gates
18 Wakayama Ticket gates (Central Gate)
19 Shirahama Ticket gates
20 Shin-Kobe Ticket gates and waiting areas
21 Sannomiya Ticket gates (Central Gate)
22 Nishi-Akashi Ticket gates (West Gate)
23 Himeji Ticket gates (Central Gate)
24 Kinosaki-Onsen Ticket gates
25 Okayama*2 Ticket gates (Shinkansen Gate) and waiting rooms
26 Kurashiki Ticket gates
27 Onomichi Ticket gates (South Gate)
28 Tottori Ticket gates
29 Yonago Ticket gates
30 Hiroshima*2 Ticket gates (Shinkansen Gate) and waiting areas
31 Miyajimaguchi Ticket gates
32 Tokuyama Ticket gates (South Shinkansen Gate)
33 Shin-Yamaguchi Ticket gates (Shinkansen Transfer Gate)
34 Shimonoseki Ticket gates
35 Kokura*2 Ticket gates (Shinkansen Gate) and waiting areas
36 Hakata*2 Ticket gates (Central Shinkansen Gate),waiting rooms, and Hikari Square

Major station buildings and shopping centers

No Facility name Wi-Fi Service Areas
8 Kyoto Station Building Sky Garden and Muromachi Square
8 JR Kyoto Isetan 3F Tax-Free counter
11 OSAKA STATION CITY 3F Information (North Gate Building side), Atrium Plaza, Carillon Plaza, Toki-no-hiroba Plaza, Yawaragi-no-niwa Garden, Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza, Tenku-no-noen Farm, South Gate Plaza, 3F Service counter (South Gate Building side), Taiyo-no-hiroba Plaza, and Umaimono Plaza
14 Tennoji MIO Tennoji MIO Main Building and Plaza Building
30 Hiroshima Station Building ASSE B1F (JR Gate side), 1F, 2F, 3F (JR Gate side), and 6F
30 Hiroshima Shinkansen Souvenir Shop & Restaurant 1F
30 ekie Hiroshima Station 1F
  • *1 Service is not available at ticket gates or waiting rooms for the Shinkansen.
  • *2 Service is only available at ticket gates, waiting rooms, and waiting areas for the Shinkansen.

As of May 2019