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Shamine Tottori is a shopping center located directly across from the JR Tottori Station automatic ticket gates.The compact center features drug stores and other shops selling items for travelers, as well as cafes providing space for a rest.Nana’s Green Tea, in particular, provides a beautiful space in which to take a break with a tea-based treat. The walls are covered in a local Tottori craft paper called inshu washi, and tables are fashioned from Chizu cedar, a wood with beautiful grain cultivated through traditional methods and the harsh temperature differences of the climate.

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Business hours

10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m

*Times may vary by store or restaurant.

Irregular Holidays
Spot information
Wi-Fi supportWi-Fi support ×
Credit card settlementCredit card settlement
Ginren card settlementGinren card settlement
Tax freeTax free ○ (Some only)
Foreign-language floor mapForeign-language floor map ×
Currency exchangeCurrency exchange ×
Door-to-door deliveryDoor-to-door delivery ×
InterpretingInterpreting ×
ICOCA® acceptedICOCA® accepted ○(Some only)

ICOCA cards may be used for electronic payments at certain stores, but are not valid at the JR Tottori Station automatic ticket gates.