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*Information is current as of 03/31/2020. (MM/DD/YYYY)

The Vierra Nara is a commercial complex located under the elevated JR Nara Station. The inside of the complex is designed after the splendor of ancient Nara cities as described in Man'you poems and the townscape of the popular tourist destination Naramachi. The Vierra Nara has become a facility deserved of the title of the entrance to the Nara Yamatoji. Featuring not only Nara souvenir shops but also welcoming restaurants, supermarkets, 100-yen shops, and various other stores, the Vierra Nara is sure to have something for everyone!

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Business hours
< Merchandise shops > 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
*Opening hours may vary for some shops.
< Restaurants and cafes > Varies by shop.
< Merchandise shops > Open throughout the year
< Restaurants and cafes > Varies by shop
Spot information
Wi-Fi supportWi-Fi support ×
Credit card settlementCredit card settlement ○(Some only)
Ginren card settlementGinren card settlement ×
Tax freeTax free ○(Some only)
Foreign-language floor mapForeign-language floor map ×
Currency exchangeCurrency exchange ×
Door-to-door deliveryDoor-to-door delivery ○(Some only)
InterpretingInterpreting ×
ICOCA® acceptedICOCA® accepted