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Kyoto Ramen Koji(10F)

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Kyoto Ramen Koji

From north to south and east to west - could it be so different! The delicious harmonies of noodles and soups! From Sapporo in the north to Hakata in the south, eight ramen shops, each bringing the distinctive flavor of their region, have come together in Kyoto Station Building! Some even opt for the locally popular take-out style to enhance their Kyoto presence and casualness. The alley, or “koji”, with entrances and take-out seats, has a relaxed feel about it that lets time float by. Why not try some noodles in a ramen theme park – Kyoto-Ramen-Koji.

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Business hours
11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
*last orders at 9:30 p.m.
Irregular holidays *Closed for renovation in June 2016
Spot information
Wi-Fi supportWi-Fi support
Credit card settlementCredit card settlement×
Ginren card settlementGinren card settlement×
Tax freeTax free×
Foreign-language floor mapForeign-language floor map (English, Chinese [simplified / traditional], Korean)
Currency exchangeCurrency exchange×
Door-to-door deliveryDoor-to-door delivery×
InterpretingInterpreting× *Dining ticket vending machines interface in English and both simplified and traditional Chinese
ICOCA® acceptedICOCA® accepted

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Kyoto Area

Shopping & Gourmet Spots in the Kyoto Area

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