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ICOCA & HARUKA reservation

Please select the type (one way or round trip), the departure and arrival stations, the departure date, and the ICOCA card design,and then click “Search.
*Neither ICOCA cards nor HARUKA discount tickets can be received from ticket vending machines. Visit a JR Ticket Office to receive your card/ticket.

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Arrival Stations
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ICOCA card design

- If you do not have an ICOCA card

Select one of the following card designs. Please note that cards with the Wind and Thunder Gods design, and the Hello Kitty and Osaka Castle design are only available at Kansai-airport Station.

ICOCA Card Design

- If you already have an ICOCA card

If you present an IC card with ICOCA logo, you can purchase the HARUKA discount ticket only.

ICOCA logo

With ICOCA,you can get smoothly onto the train and bus.Also for shopping! Recharging for repeated use!