For Business (Material Procurement)

Basic Philosophy

  • ・ “Ensuring that an accident such as on the Fukuchiyama Line will never again occur” is the duty of the JR-West Group, and our determination to fulfill that duty will never change. As part of this duty, we make it a basic principle to carefully consider conditions such as market fluctuations, demand, and the inventory situation, and to purchase “high quality materials” from “the best suppliers” within “a suitable time frame” and at “an appropriate price” in order to fulfill our managerial requirements to give the highest priority to safe and reliable transportation services.
  • ・ We will apply the principle of non-discrimination between suppliers both in Japan and overseas to our procurement activities, and will work actively to procure high-quality materials on the basis of economical rationality such as our stakeholder value, company value and a perspective of benefit.
  • ・ We are working to increase the value we provide for our stakeholders through ongoing communication with our suppliers.
  • ・ We are now involved in environmental conservation, and also establishing compliance policies to strictly adhere to the laws and regulations relevant to material procurement and build a relationship of mutual trust with our suppliers.