About Us

Basic Approach

The JR-West Group, the core of which is railway operations, is a provider of services that are used by large numbers of people on a daily basis and is, therefore, performing a socially important role.
In charge of an enterprise that is of immense significance to the public, we aim to continue to be a corporate group providing services that will make customers into “fans of JR-West,” who will want to use our services on an ongoing basis. We will do this by continuing to live up to the confidence placed in us by our customers and society, and maintaining our practice of customer-oriented management, to enhance the value we provide.
Toward that end, it is critical that we have a clear grasp of customers’ needs and expectations, accurately anticipate social trends, and steadily reflect this information in safety and services. We must, in other words, be highly sensitive to customer needs in our daily work, and reflect what we learn in the services we provide. We must also come up with our own ideas on how to serve customers, consistently act on these ideas, and provide high-quality services that will result in even greater customer satisfaction.
We would like to note that we have a very great appreciation for the importance of high transport quality. By implementing meticulous, stable transport measures and enhancing our ability to provide information from the customer’s perspective, we will continue working to achieve high transport quality that allows customers to use our services with confidence.
Furthermore, we will respond with even greater speed and sincerity to the precious “customer voices” we have heard in the form of recommendations and opinions ever since the JR-West Group was founded in 1987, and, based on the “customer voices” we have heard, move forward with the enhancement and improvement of our services from the customer’s perspective.
We will also strive to gain understanding of our company’s initiatives by actively and broadly communicating to customers and society both the improvements we have made based on “customer voices” and the service vision we aspire to.
We aim to practice customer-oriented management by incorporating these initiatives into our corporate culture. To be a railway that continues to be loved in the future, the JR-West Group, aiming to increase its “fans”, is taking a strong next step in customer satisfaction.

Aims of the JR-West Group’s CS Initiatives
(JR-West Group’s Medium-Term Management Plan 2017)

Safety Think-and-Act Plan