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Contributing to the Creation of Towns that are Appealing and Convenient

In the West Japan area, JR-West is working with local governments and residents to make stations and surrounding areas more convenient for daily life, and improve transfers to other public transportation systems.

Decision to Extend Electrification of the Kabe Line

Promoting Collaboration with Local Companies

Leveraging Tourism to Revitalize Local Communities

Working with Local Communities to Pursue Tourism Campaigns

In fall of 2012, JR-West implemented the San-in Destination Campaign in Tottori and Shimane prefectures. Through this initiative, we worked with local governments and companies to hold events aimed at generating a deeper appreciation of the attractions of the San-in area, prepare secondary axis routes from stations to destinations, and take other steps, as well, across a wide range of areas. 
In addition, for customers from other countries, we held the “Detective Conan Mystery Tour.” For this event, we partnered with local organizations to host travel agents, who came from overseas to gather information. With our partners, we also prepared PR materials for overseas markets.

San-in Destination Campaign

San-in Destination Campaign

Initiatives Aimed at Building a Secure Society

Holding of Emergency First Aid Fairs

Activity Assistance for NPOs