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Establishment of Safety Management Based on Risk Assessment

JR-West has adopted risk assessment as a concrete approach for putting together preemptive safety measures. Risk assessment consists of quantifying risks and taking appropriate actions for matters that should be addressed as high priorities, and we are implementing risk assessment in all of our front-line work sites and branches, and in our head office. 
We conduct risk assessments that are based on large volumes of safety-related information reported by employees, involve related workplaces and Group companies, and are carried out at the workplace level, and we reduce risk based on these assessments. In addition, branches and the head office provide assistance for risk reduction measures that cannot be handled by individual workplaces alone.

Investment in Safety

JR-West’s railway system is operated with massive amounts of equipment and facilities. We regularly and properly maintain and renovate equipment and facilities for operations, and invest in equipment and facilities that are specifically for safety and disaster prevention in order to make our operations as safe as possible.
Under the Basic Safety Plan covering the five years beginning with fiscal 2009, we invested a total of approximately ¥468 billion to install ATS equipment and platform emergency buttons, improve level crossings, and take other steps to make our operations safer.